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George Mason University
2002-03 University Catalog

About George Mason University

A Vision for the New Century

The university president developed George Mason's Vision Statement, after discussions with many others who care about the future of this vibrant institution, to give clarity to George Mason's fundamental character and aspirations. The vision is forward-looking and identifies the distinctive attributes and strengths of the university that are believed to be most important to its future.

The Innovative University for the Information Society

George Mason will be the university needed by a region and world driven by new social, economic, and technological realities.

We are in the right place: The nation's capital region is the epicenter of the world's political web, its information and communications network, and its new economy.

We are ready: In an age that demands originality and imagination, George Mason is among the nation's most innovative universities.

George Mason will:

  • Be a magnet for outstanding faculty who will devise new ways to approach problems, invent new ways to teach, and develop new knowledge for the benefit of the region and nation.

  • Attract inventive, industrious students of all ages and cultures and produce citizens who are intellectually and technologically literate people who will lead by the force of their ideas.

  • Transform into knowledge and wisdom the vast amounts of information now accessible through new technologies.

  • Build strong alliances that bring the know-how of business and the community into the university and take the knowledge of the university into the workplace and the larger society.

  • Be a center of inquiry, knowledge, and professional expertise in fields with vital implications for human needs and opportunities in the future.

  • Remain innovative, resourceful, and responsive, while drawing on the intellectual and cultural heritage of the classical university.

by Alan G. Merten

George Mason University