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2002-03 University Catalog

Graduate Academic Policies

Requirements Applicable To All Graduate Certificates

Candidates must satisfy all university certificate requirements and all requirements established by the certificate program faculty. Individual departmental certificate requirements are listed under the respective certificate programs in this catalog.

  1. A candidate must earn a minimum of 15 graduate credits.

  2. Only graduate courses may apply toward the certificate.

  3. A maximum of 3 graduate credits taken at another institution can be transferred into a certificate program.

  4. A candidate must have a minimum GPA of 3.000 in course work presented on the certificate application, which may include no more than 6 credits of C or C+. (Grades of C- and D do not apply to graduate courses.) The GPA calculation excludes all transfer courses and George Mason Extended Studies credits not formally approved for the degree.

  5. A maximum of two certificates may be conferred as part of a Master's degree.