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George Mason University
2002-03 University Catalog

Academic Policies and Procedures Affecting Both Undergraduates and Graduates

Student Identification Card


After registering, each student should obtain a university photo identification card. It must be presented to use the library services and is required for admission to university events and when using university facilities after normal operating hours. It is not transferable and is validated each semester after payment is made for classes. Questions may be directed to the Photo ID Office at (703) 993-1004.

Change of Status and Address

Each student is required to maintain current contact and identifying information at the university, including permanent and local addresses, telephone numbers, student number and legal name. Each student must also maintain the university e-mail account assigned at the time of admission, forwarding to personal e-mail systems as desired. Students are responsible for official communications directed to university e-mail accounts.

Addresses should be updated over the Internet using webGMU. Name and social security number changes require official documentation and must be processed in person at the Office of the Registrar or with the original copy of a notarized request. Please see for further information about student e-mail and other communication services..