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2002-03 University Catalog

Academic Policies and Procedures Affecting Both Undergraduates and Graduates

Knowledge of University Policies

Each student is responsible for knowing the rules, regulations, requirements, and academic policies of the university. The catalog is the normal repository of policy statements; but corrections, changes, or interpretations can be promulgated by other means, including electronic publication. When the university or one of its academic units makes changes in course requirements, grading procedures, and/or the level of qualitative performance expected of its students for acceptance into particular programs, academic standing, or graduation, the changes apply to all students enrolled in the university at the time of implementation of the change and thereafter.

Students have certain choices regarding the set of degree requirements under which they graduate, as detailed in the section Catalog Requirements for Degrees. The Special Collections section of the Fenwick Library has a copy of all previous catalogs (which may not be checked out but may be photocopied) for use by staff and students.

A student in doubt concerning an academic matter should consult a faculty advisor or dean.

Students are subject to the university's stated policies regarding patents and copyrights. These policies are available at and at