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George Mason University
2002-03 University Catalog

Undergraduate Academic Policies


Classification of Students

Admitted undergraduates are classified as follows: freshman, 0-29 credits completed; sophomore, 30-59 credits completed; junior, 60-89 credits completed; senior, 90 or more credits completed. Full-time undergraduates are classified as those students enrolled in 12 or more credits per semester. Please note: Different criteria for full-time status may apply for tuition, verification, and financial aid purposes. Contact Student Accounts, Registrar, and Student Financial Aid, respectively, for questions regarding student-specific status.

Academic Advising

Admitted undergraduate students should meet regularly with an academic advisor to discuss academic programs, educational goals, and career plans. In conjunction with their advisors, students plan academic programs to meet the general university degree requirements and specific requirements within their major fields. Responsibility for reading the catalog, and knowing and fulfilling the requirements of a specific baccalaureate degree rests with the student. To assist in the advising process, the university provides a computerized analysis of academic progress (a degree audit). Students may access their individualized reports through the university's secure web site (

Individual departments establish their own advising processes; students should check with their departments for the appropriate procedures. During their freshman and sophomore years, students in the Honors Program in General Education plan their schedules with Honors advisors. Every department coordinates advising of its honors students through the Honors office (Enterprise Hall, Room 305).

Some departments require that students should be advised prior to registration each semester. See Advisor's Permission to Register in the section Registration and Attendance for categories of students who may not register until they have seen an advisor.