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2002-03 University Catalog

University Academic Programs and Resources

University Courses

University (UNIV) courses are special academic seminars that appeal to a wide range of majors among undergraduate students. University courses are designated as transitional, interdisciplinary honors, and special topics courses. They are limited in size to encourage interaction between students and specialized faculty. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the courses, they sometimes can be applied toward the satisfaction of general education requirements.

University Transitions Courses

The University Transitions course series assists students with their transition through the various stages of college. University 100 (UNIV 100) focuses on academic skills, campus resources, and personal adjustment issues for the first year student. Many UNIV 100 sections relate to specific academic majors. UNIV 200 is a select topics course focusing on transition issues for sophomore students. UNIV 300, assists new transfer students with their transition to George Mason University. UNIV 400, for senior students, focuses on the transition from college to "life after college" with an emphasis on professional development, graduate school preparation, and life management issues.

University Interdisciplinary Honors Seminars

The University Interdisciplinary Honors Seminars are offered exclusively to students who have demonstrated strong academic performance. They are developed to give high-ability freshmen and advanced-standing students the opportunity to study with a senior professor in a small classroom setting. The Freshman Seminars (UNIV 190) are open to eligible first-year students and are taught exclusively by the Robinson Professors. Qualified students with 30 or more credits are invited to participate in the UNIV 390 seminars, which are taught by Robinson Professors and other distinguished faculty scholars.

University Special Topics Courses

Upper-level university courses are open to all students unless specific prerequisites are indicated. They are usually repeated offerings.

The following are regularly offered university courses:

Course Credits
UNIV 301 Great Ideas in Science 3
UNIV 441 AIDS: Its Impact in Our Society 3