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2002-03 University Catalog

University Academic Programs and Resources

International Programs and Resources

Global Connections (International Degrees)

Strategically located in the national capital region, George Mason University is rich in international knowledge and expertise. A wide range of research, consulting, mediation, and exchange activities, as well as a student body drawn from many countries and cultures, serve to link the regional with the global. The university encourages internationalization and globalization throughout the curriculum, and offers a variety of academic programs that focus specifically on international or global issues. The university also provides a wide variety of activities and services for international students here and opportunities for students to study abroad.

Academic programs focused specifically on international and global issues include the following:

B.A. in Communication, with a concentration in international and intercultural communication (Communication Department)

B.A., B.S. in Geography (Geography and Earth Science)

B.A. in Government and International Politics, with a concentration in international and comparative politics (Public and International Affairs Department)

B.A. in Russian Studies (Modern and Classical Languages)

B.A. in Foreign Languages, with concentrations in French and Spanish (Modern and Classical Languages)

M.A., Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution (Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution)

M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, with concentrations in multilingual/multicultural education, foreign language education, and teaching English as a second language

M.A. in Foreign Languages, with concentrations in French and/or Spanish, or in Spanish/bilingual-multicultural education (Modern and Classical Languages)

M.A. in History, with concentrations in comparative world history and modern European history (History and Art History)

M.A. in International Commerce and Policy (School of Public Policy)

Interdisciplinary minors in Asia-Pacific studies, contemporary Europe, global systems, linguistics, and study of the Americas

Minors in French, German, Latin, Russian, and Spanish; and international/comparative studies

Undergraduate certificate in teaching English as a second language

Graduate certificates in global trade management; international business planning; international health; international market analysis; managing international commerce; science, technology, and the global economy; and teaching English as a second language.

See the Global Connections web site for new developments in this area:

Study Abroad: Center for Global Education (CGE)

Phone: (703) 993-2154

CGE functions as the hub for international educational activities at George Mason University. It offers short-term intersession, semester- and year-long exchange and honors programs, and intensive language courses for all members of the academic community and the public. CGE hosts international visitors to the university and is the depository of all Memoranda of Understanding concerning educational exchange signed between George Mason University and institutions abroad.

Center for Field Studies

Phone: (703) 993-1740

The center was created to oversee and coordinate field projects and promote and facilitate teaching, research, and study outside of the campus community. Its primary site for outreach activities is the Bahamas Environmental Research Center.