University Catalog 2005-2006

College Teaching (CTCH)

Higher Education

601 The Community College (3:3:0) Studies institutional character of the community college including a review of its history, purpose, clientele, organization, finance, and social function. Attention to issues currently faced by community colleges.

602 College Teaching (3:3:0) Describes issues that affect teaching and learning, and provides basic tools to use in college classroom. Teaches how to plan course, develop syllabus, promote learning among diversity of students, and implement classroom assessment techniques.

603 Teaching with Technology (3:3:0) Prerequisites: basic familiarity with computer operations. Basic skills in word processing, spreadsheets, and electronic presentation software applications. Basic Internet and electronic database research skills. Overview of and hands-on experience with technology tools to enhance classroom and online learning. Examines issues related to the use of technology in teaching and learning, and guides in development of effective technology-enhanced learning activities for undergraduate students.

604 The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (3:3:0) Overview of the movement in higher education in scholarship of teaching and learning. Focus on ways students learn, how learning can be improved, and different methods of conducting research into teaching and learning.

605 Curriculum and Program Design and Assessment (3:3:0) Prerequisites: CTCH 601 or 602, and 603.Prepares students to design, implement, and assess new courses, curricula, and programs. Examines relationships of courses and curricula to larger programs and institutional goals. Explores issues of program planning and implementation such as documenting need, generating cost estimates, and assembling strong case for new programs.

606 Diversity in Higher Education (3:3:0) Explores instructional interactions and communication strategies for diverse learner populations. Includes discussion of sociological, behavioral, and cognitive theory on culture.

621 Higher Education in the United States (3:3:0) History of higher education from colonial period to the present. Examines philosophic, political, social, and economic forces that have influenced their development. Reviews todayÕs issues and challenges.

622 Organization and Administration in Higher Education (3:3:0) Provides concepts of organization and administration in contemporary institutions from macro to micro perspectives. Study of theory and practices of the organization as it relates to governance, structure, and management of the institution.

624 Finance and Fiscal Management in Higher Education (3:3:0) Overview of higher education finance and fiscal management.

626 Assessment in Higher Education (3:3:0) Focuses on political and historical context of assessment in higher education, and teaches strategies for different levels of assessment, including classroom, program and institutional. Students develop skills in survey and focus group research, and learn how to develop and implement an assessment plan.

641 Introduction to Counseling (3:3:0) Introduces profession of counseling and practice in various settings. Examines history and development of the profession, national associations, ethical code, and standards for counselor preparation and credentials, as well as counselor roles, functions, and responsibilities.

643 Counseling Theory and Practice in Higher Education (3:3:0) Study of historical contemporary approaches to counseling. Emphasizes applications of theoretical models as appropriate for higher education.

644 Student Services in Higher Education (3:3:0) Focuses on development and organization of student personnel programs and services in institutions of higher learning. Covers philosophy, methods, and techniques used in their operation.

645 The Contemporary College Student (3:3:0) Provides understanding of the changing demographics, barriers, and developmental issues facing college students. Studies impact of college environment on student development, and interaction between students of varying subcultures and the environment. Examines current issues related to technology and impact on college students.

792 Special Topics in Higher Education (1-6:1-6:0) Prerequisite: admission to doctoral program or permission of instructor. Covers a variety of current issues in teaching and learning in higher education. May be repeated for credit when topic is different.

885 Internship in College Teaching and Administration (3:01:0) Prerequisites: admission to the certificate, MAIS/CCT, MAIS/Higher Education, or doctoral program; approval of advisor and internship coordinator; CTCH 601 or 602; 6 additional credits of core requirements and 3 in the knowledge area. Students must contact the program at least one semester prior to enrolling. Supervised internship at a community college or in a nonteaching higher education setting such as a government agency or administrative office in higher education. Develops skills applicable to college-based teaching or higher education administration or policy. Minimum 200 hours of work and participation in internship seminar. Graded S/NC.

897 Directed Reading in Higher Education (1-6:0:0) Prerequisite: admission to doctoral program and permission. Independent reading on topic agreed on by student and instructor.

998 Doctoral Dissertation Proposal (1-3:0:0) Prerequisite: completion of at least one internship and all other course work and qualifying exams. Contact program for permission to register. Work on research proposal that forms basis for doctoral dissertation. Graded S/NC.

999 Doctoral Dissertation (1-12:0:0) Prerequisite: CTCH 998, two internships, and appointed dissertation committee. Doctoral dissertation research and writing under direction of dissertation committee. Graded S/NC.