University Catalog 2005-2006

Education Research (EDRS)

Graduate School of Education

531 Educational and Psychological Measurement (3:3:0) Emphasizes techniques and principles used in the construction, administration, and quantification of measuring devices for evaluation purposes. Discusses interpretation of standardized tests of ability, aptitude, achievement, interest, and personality.

590 Education Research (3:3:0) Develops skills, insights, and understanding basic to performing research, with emphasis on interpretation and application of research results. Course critiques research, and uses findings in educational settings.

597 Special Topics in Education. (1-6:1-6:0) See EDUC 597.

620 Quantitative Inquiry in Education (3:3:0) Prerequisite: EDRS 590 or equivalent experience. Examines fundamental concepts and methods of statistics as applied to educational problems, including descriptive and inferential statistics.

621 Qualitative Inquiry in Education (3:3:0) Prerequisite: EDRS 590 or equivalent experience. Focuses on the study of basic application of naturalistic research methods. Examines major theoretical frameworks and qualitative research techniques, which include content analysis, coding, and interpretation of data.

630 Educational Assessment (3:3:0) Examines research theory and practice relevant to assessments. Focuses on assessment strategies for students including developing skills to select, score, and interpret educational assessments.

631 Program Evaluation (3:3:0) Introduces perspectives of existing and emerging issues, theories, and models of program evaluation.

797 Advanced Topics in Education (1-6:1-6:0) See EDUC 797.

810 Problems and Methods in Education Research (3:3:0) Prerequisite: admission to the PhD program or permission of instructor. Advanced course in the interpretation and application of education research methods. Emphasizes comparison of alternative philosophies of research, ways of formulating questions and hypotheses, research plans, and analysis procedures. Students evaluate existing studies, and investigate a range of research approaches.

811 Quantitative Methods in Educational Research (3:3:0) Prerequisite: satisfactory completion of EDUC 810 or its equivalent, or permission of instructor. Emphasizes advanced methods of conducting research using quantitative methods of data collection and analysis appropriate for research in education. Includes design of experimental and quasiexperimental research studies, and methods of analysis appropriate to these studies, including the analysis of variance and multiple linear regression.

812 Qualitative Methods in Educational Research (3:3:0) Prerequisite: satisfactory completion of EDUC 810 or its equivalent, or permission of instructor. Students study and apply qualitative data collection and analysis procedures used in educational research, including ethnographic and other field-based methods, and unobtrusive measures. Emphases vary depending on student interests and needs.

820 Evaluation Methods for Educational Programs and Curricula (3:3:0) Prerequisites: successful completion of EDRS 810, or permission of instructor. Prior completion of EDRS 811 and 812 helpful but not required. Explores development and types of current systems and models for evaluating educational programs and curricula. Emphasizes evaluation needs and problems of public and private elementary and secondary schools, and colleges and universities; also considers needs of government agencies, industry, and health-related organizations.

821 Advanced Applications of Quantitative Methods (3:3:0) Prerequisites: EDRS 810 and 811. Advanced study of applications of quantitative methods in educational research, reinforcing and building on concepts and skills acquired in EDRS 811. Uses a modular approach, and provides an advanced study of techniques appropriate to survey research, group-experimental and quasiexperimental research, selected multivariate procedures and factor analysis, and quantitative synthesis (meta-analysis) of research. Students learn through a combination of text reading assignments, critiques, and discussion of relevant journal articles, and application activities.

822 Advanced Applications of Qualitative Methods (3:3:0) Prerequisites: EDRS 810 and 812. Advanced seminar devoted to the study of current topics in qualitative research. Deals with cutting-edge information on selected advanced topics in qualitative research, and provides opportunities to apply new skills and knowledge to projects related to studentsÕ interests.

823 Advanced Research Methods in Single Subject/Case Design (3:3:0) Prerequisites: EDRS 810, 811, and 812. Prepares students to conduct research using single subject design and single case study design. Provides understanding of the salient features as well as the advantages and disadvantages of these research methodologies. Students critique and analyze published research using these methodologies. Provides opportunities to apply these methodologies to research questions related to current student interests.