University Catalog 2005-2006

Foreign Languages (FRLN)

Modern and Classical Languages

330 Topics in World Literature (3:3:0)Prerequisites: ENGL 101 and 45 credits, or permission of the instructor. Major works of world literature with varying perspectives and topics, such as specific cultures, histories, myths, or music and the arts, as represented in literature. All course work in English. May be taken toward fulfillment of literature requirement of baccalaureate degrees. May be repeated twice when course content is substantially different, with permission of department.

431/ENGL 431/ HIST 431 Medieval Intellectual Topics (3:3:0) May be taken for credit by English or history majors. Focuses on topic in the intellectual history of the Middle Ages. Emphasis is literary or historical, -depending on the discipline of the instructor. Relevant -material may be drawn from philosophy, theology, and art.

510 Bibliography and Research in Foreign Languages and Literature (3:3:0) Prerequisite: graduate standing or permission of department. Use of basic bibliographical tools and methodologies necessary to do scholarly research in French, German, and Spanish. Taught in cooperation with the university library staff. Conducted in English.

525 Literary Translation (3:3:0) Prerequisite: graduate standing or permission of instructor. Advanced work in literary translation. The critical approach to and analysis of diverse literary texts ranging from poetry, drama, and essay to excerpts from novels.

550, 551 Special Topics (3:3:0) Themes, periods, or genres vary from semester to semester. Focus is on topics that incorporate one or more of the languages taught in the department, but instruction is in English. May be repeated for credit with permission of department.

565 Theory of Translation (3:3:0) Lectures on the nature and function of the translating process. Evaluation of theories of translation with respect to text typology. Critiques of selected translations from the target languages to -English and vice versa.

572 Integrating Technology into Language Learning (3:3:0) Prerequisites: graduate standing or permission of department; a language teaching methods course, language teaching experience, or permission of instructor. Explores the pedagogical and theoretical basis for integrating interactive technologies into language learning programs, and examines their potential for learning, teaching, testing, and research. Includes hands-on analysis and evaluation of materials. Prior experience with technology is not required.

573 Basic Issues in Language Pedagogy (3:3:0) Prerequisites: graduate standing or permission of department; a language teaching methods course, language teaching exper-ience, or permission of instructor. Explores a number of major issues controversial in language pedagogy. Topics include communicative competence as a pedagogical goal, the role of explicit grammar teaching, the proficiency movement, cultural authenticity, student-centered learning, and the use of technology.

590 Internship and Seminar in Translation (3:3:0) Prerequisite: admission to the translation certificate program. Internships are nonpaying, work-study positions that -focus on the practice of translation. Qualified students are placed with area institutions, interest groups, agencies, or corporations. Placement depends on availability of positions.

600 Workshop in Foreign Languages (1-6:0:0) -In--service workshops, tours, and seminars dealing with selected topics in literature, language, bilingualism, culture, methodology. May not normally be applied -toward the MA in modern and classical languages.

620 Literary Theory and Criticism (3:3:0) Study of the nature of literary work and analysis of contemporary critical approaches to literature. May not be taken for credit by students who previously received credit for FRLN 615.

650 The Teaching of Culture in Foreign Language Programs (3:3:0) Purpose and methods of the study of culture, with emphasis on strategies and techniques for teaching culture in foreign language programs.

660 Approaches to the Study of Language (3:3:0) Linguistics and its relationship to other disciplines, including study of generative grammar with -syntactic problems drawn from commonly taught foreign languages.

670 (570) Foreign Language Learning and Teaching (3:3:0) Theories, methods, and strategies of second and foreign language learning and teaching. May not be taken by students who have completed FRLN 570.