University Catalog 2005-2006

Geology (GEOL)

Environmental Science and Policy

101 Introductory Geology I (4:3:3) The Earth, processes that operate within the Earth and on its surface, and human interaction with the Earth. Topics include minerals, earthquakes and seismology, isostasy, igneous processes and rocks, paleomagnetism and plate tectonics, weathering, mass movements, rivers and streams, groundwater, glaciers, and marine processes. May include field trips.

102 Introductory Geology II (4:3:3) Prerequisite: GEOL 101. Earth processes in a historical context. Topics include sedimentary rocks and principles, deformation and metamorphism, mountain building and plate tectonics, geologic time, fossils, and historical development of continents. May include field trips.

206 Topics in Geology I (1-3:1-3:0) Discussion of a particular topic in geology. May include field trips.

302 Mineralogy (4:3:3)Prerequisites: GEOL 101 and 102 with grade of C or better, and CHEM 211. Crystallographic, optical, chemical, and physical properties of minerals. May include field trips

303 Field Mapping Techniques (3:0:6) Prerequisites: 30 credits including MATH 105 or equivalent and GEOG 102 or GEOL 101. Basic techniques for collecting, recording, and plotting spatial field data including the use of topographic maps, compasses, transit, alidade, and global positioning systems (GPS) Includes field work.

304 Sedimentary Geology (4:3:3) Prerequisites: GEOL 101 and 102, and grade of C or better in GEOL 302. Introduction to sedimentation, sedimentary petrology, facies analysis, and stratigraphy. May include field trips.

305 Environmental Geology (3:3:0) Prerequisites: GEOL 101 and one of the following GEOL 102, GEOL 309/BIOL 309 or GEOG 309. Investigation of geological principles directly relating to environmental problems, geological causes and effects of natural disasters, geology of natural resources, geology of land-use planning, and geology as related to health problems. May include field trips.

306 Soil Science (3:3:0) Prerequisites: GEOL 101, and CHEM 103 or 211. Composition, classification, physical properties, and origin of soils. May include field trips.

308 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology (4:3:3) Prerequisites: GEOL 101, 102, a grade of C or better in GEOL 302, and MATH 105 or equivalent. Genesis, classification, and recognition of igneous and metamorphic rocks. May include field trips.

309/BIOL 309 Introduction to Oceanography (3:3:0) Prerequisite: GEOL 101, BIOL 103 or 213. Introduction to physical, chemical, biological, and geological aspects of the oceanic environment. May include field trip.

312 Invertebrate Paleontology (4:3:3) Prerequisites: GEOL 101, 102; or BIOL 103, 104; or BIOL 213, 303, 304. Classification, evolutionary trends, and distribution of the common invertebrate fossils. May include field trips.

313 Hydrogeology (3:3:0) Prerequisites: GEOL 101 or GEOG 102, MATH 113, and CHEM 211. Geological and hydrologic factors controlling the occurrence, distribution, movement, quality, and development of groundwater.

315 Topics in Geology II (1-3:1-3:0) Prerequisites: GEOL 101 and 102. Discussions of a particular topic in geology. May include field trips.

316 Computers in Geology (3:3:0) Prerequisite: GEOL 101, 102, 302, one semester of mathematics, or permission of instructor. Uses of mainframe and microcomputers, with emphasis on geologic applications.

317 Geomorphology (4:3:3) Prerequisites: GEOL 101 and 102, with a grade of C or better, or six credits in GEOG, including GEOG 102; GEOG 412 is strongly recommended. Analysis of processes that occur at the EarthÕs surface and the resulting landforms. Labs stress the recognition and evaluation of landforms using maps and aerial photographs and the methods of data collection used in the study of surficial geology. May include field trips.

363 Coastal Morphology and Processes (4:3:3) Prerequisite: GEOL 309 or BIOL 309 or GEOL 317 or 9 credit hours in geography, including GEOG 309. Study of global coastal geomorphology and processes with emphasis on U.S. Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Topics include plate tectonics, sea level changes, sediment supply, waves, tides, storm impacts, and human activities. Lecture and extended weekend field trips to mid-Atlantic coast.

401 Structural Geology (4:3:3) Prerequisites: grade of C or better in GEOL 302, and MATH 110, 111, or 113. Igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks in folded, faulted, and metamorphosed terrains. May include field trips.

402 Geological Development of North America (3:3:0) Prerequisites: GEOL 101, 102, 302, 304, 308, and 401. Geological history of North America in terms of plate tectonics. Geological development and history of North AmericaÕs major regions. May include field trips.

403 Geochemistry (3:3:0) Prerequisites: GEOL 101 and CHEM 211 and 212. Stable isotope geochemistry, crystal geochemistry, geochronology, water geochemistry, organic geochemistry, and the geochemistry of rocks.

404 Geological Field Techniques (3-8:0:6-12) Prerequisites: GEOL 101, 102, 302, 304, 308, and 401. Mapping techniques involved in the collection of geological field data. Includes field work.

405 Geology of Mineral and Energy Resources (3:3:0) Prerequisites: GEOL 101, 102, 302, 304, 308, and 401. Topics include metallic and nonmetallic ore deposits, fossil fuels, alternate energy resources, and methods by which each is used. May include field trips.

406. Seminar in Earth and Environmental Science (3:3:0) Prerequisite: 90 credits. Capstone seminar for earth and environmental science majors. Students read and discuss research literature and produce and present original papers.

408, 409 Practicum for Geology Laboratories (1:1:3) Prerequisites: geology major with 80 credits and permission of department chair. Study of the techniques used to make the geology lab an effective component in geological education. Discussions of the development of testing materials, supplemented by experience in the operation of a lab section of a geology course.

410 Research Proposal Preparation (1:1:0) Prerequisites: geology or earth science major with 80 credits and permission of department chair. Preparation for research in GEOL 411, to include literature research, initial data collection, and preparation of a research proposal.

411 Geological Research (3:0:3) Prerequisite: GEOL 410. Geological research: data collection and reduction, interpretation, preparation of written report, and oral presentation of results.

417 Geophysics (3:3:0)Prerequisites: GEOL 101, MATH 113, one year of physics, or permission of instructor. Basic principles of geophysics including gravity, magnetism, and seismic reflection and refraction.

480 Internship (1-3:0:0) Prerequisite: open only to majors with 90 credits. Approved study programs with specific employers. Contact department one semester before enrollment.

500, 501 Selected Topics in Modern Geology (1-3:1-3:0), (1-3:1-3:0) Prerequisite: baccalaureate degree in geology or permission of instructor. Lecture, lab, field trip. Topic designated in the class schedule.

503 Special Topics in Earth Science (1-6:1-6:0) Prerequisite: employment or anticipation of employment as an earth science teacher. In-service course to strengthen and update a teacherÕs knowledge of earth science. May include field trips.

601 The Lithosphere (3:3:0) Prerequisites: graduate standing. Global-scale overview of the lithosphere, solid non-living Earth, its materials, cycles, plate tectonic and geomorphic processes, and history, including interactions with and history of the hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere, and methods of analysis.

800 Studies for the Doctor of Philosophy in Education (variable credit) Prerequisite: admission to PhD in education program to study geology. Program of studies designed by studentÕs discipline director and approved by studentÕs doctoral committee that allows the student to participate in the current research of the discipline director and results in a paper reporting the original contributions of the student. Enrollment may be repeated.