University Catalog 2005-2006

Marketing (MKTG)

School of Management


If a student takes noncore, upper-level business courses prior to acceptance to the School of Management, those courses will not count on an undergraduate degree applica-tion for any major in the school (except as general elective credit). A grade of C or higher must be presented on the graduation application for each upper-level course in the major. Prerequisites are strictly enforced. Degree -status is defined as formal admission to SO-M.

301 Principles of Marketing (3:3:0) Prerequisite: sophomore standing, and C or better in ACCT 203 and ECON 103. Examination of marketing principles, concepts, strategies, tactics, and analytical tools used by profit and nonprofit organizations to market ideas, products, or services to selected target groups. Emphasis on how to promote, distribute, and price the firmÕs offering in a dynamic economic, social, political, and international environment.

311 Sales Management (3:3:0) Prerequisite: MKTG 301; degree status.Familiarizes students with marketing-sales interfaces including sales force role and capabilities, personal selling strategies, organizational relationships, and responsibilities of sales managers, including training, motivating, and evaluating sales force.

312 Consumer Behavior (3:3:0) Prerequisites: MKTG 301; degree status. Marketing strategy implications of concepts and propositions that compose consumer decision processes. Emphasis on lifestyle, situation, and information processing. Lecture and case analysis.

313 Integrated Marketing Communications (3:3:0)Prerequisites: MKTG 301; degree status. . In-depth study and application of advertising and other forms of marketing communication with emphasis on role in marketing planning. Study includes identification of relevant data to analyze the marketing situation, development of product position, marketing and marketing communications objectives, creative strategy, media planning, and evaluation.

332 Retailing and E-Commerce Management (3:3:0) Prerequisites: MKTG 301; degree status. Comprehensive view of retailing as it relates to total marketing process. Emphasizes retail decision alternatives used when formulating -retail strategies, particularly the Internet.

333 Business to Business Marketing (3:3:0) Prerequisite: MKTG 301; degree status. Examines unique challenges and opportunities of marketing systems among suppliers, manufacturers, resellers and government.

351 Marketing Research Techniques and Applications (3:3:0) Prerequisites: DESC 210 and MKTG 301; degree status. Study of concepts, theories, and principles underlying the marketing research process. Focuses on development and evaluation of research designs for gathering marketing information.

407 International Marketing (3:3:0) Prerequisites: MKTG 301; degree status. Multidisciplinary approach to international marketing from viewpoint of business management. Examination of major marketing issues affecting companies operating in a global environment. Students achieve understanding of the economic, political, and cultural differences among nations as they affect marketing opportunities and operations, and develop skills to identify and evaluate international marketing opportunities.

451 Competitive Intelligence and Information Security (3:3:0) Prerequisites: MKTG 301, degree status. Develops understanding of benefits to commerce and society because of Internet-based commerce and escalating threats against Internet-based marketing initiatives of the firm, and preparation to protect knowledge-based assets of firms.

471 Marketing Management (3:3:0) Prerequisites: senior standing, MKTG 301, 9 additional credits in 300-400 level marketing courses, degree status. Emphasizes managerial aspects of marketing, including developing marketing strategies and plans, and integrating specific elements of the marketing process. Case analysis emphasized.

481 Marketing in the Nonprofit Sector (3:3:0)Prerequisites: MKTG 301; degree status. Discusses unique problems of marketing in nonprofit organizations, including government, and their solution through application of traditional and innovative techniques. Explains how to market commercial ventures owned by nonprofits.

491 Special Topics in Marketing (3:3:0) Prerequisites: 9 credits of marketing; degree status. In-depth -treatment within seminar format of contemporary topics in marketing. Culminates in the preparation of a substantial paper and oral presentation.

499 Independent Study (1-3:0:0) Prerequisite: 90 credits with a minimum of 24 credits of business courses including principles of marketing, finance, and management. Primary research proposal in a marketing area required with prior approval from instructor and associate dean for undergraduate programs.