University Catalog 2005-2006

School of Management (SOM)

School of Management

301 Business Models: A Learning by Writing Introduction (3:3:0) Prerequisites or corequisite: C or better in ENGL 302, DESC 210, and ACCT 203. Introduces fundamentals of business models, and writing as a learning tool. Interrelationships among accounting, finance, information systems, marketing, and operations are subject of several Òlearning by writingÓ deliverables. Fulfills writing intensive requirement for SOM majors.

498 Capstone Course: Advanced Business Models (3:3:0) Prerequisites: ACCT 301, DESC 301, FNAN 301, MGMT 301, and MKTG 301; senior standing; and 6 credits of major courses. Taken in final semester. Advanced integrated exploration of business models and industry dynamics that uses case analyses to assess competition, organizational strategy, and firm performance. Students examine strategic change in organizations from multiple perspectives, integrating knowledge from core course work into several papers and major presentation. Students receive coaching from area business leaders as they complete their presentations.