University Catalog 2005-2006

Sport Management (SPMT)

School of Recreation, Health, and Tourism

201 Introduction to Sport Management (3:3:0)Open to nonmajors. Introduces sport management profession. Primary focus is on the sport industry, including professional sport entertainment, amateur sport entertainment, for-profit sport participation, nonprofit sport participation, sporting goods, and sport services.

241 Practicum (3:0:3)Open to majors and minors only. Prerequisite: SPMT 201. Paid or voluntary experience in a sport industry setting. Work sites chosen by students after receiving approval of faculty supervisors.

302 Sport and Ethics (3:3:0) Investigates moral issues in sport and judgments about right and wrong behavior among athletes, coaches, spectators, and others.

318 Gender and Racial Issues in Sport (3:3:0) Investigates dominant gender and racial ideologies, and their influence on sport.

320 Psychology of Sport (3:3:0) Psychological theories of personality, motivation, and anxiety explored in sport environment. Examines social-psychological research on audience effects, team cohesion, leadership, and fan behavior.

405 Sport Operation and Planning (3:3:0) Principles and techniques of planning and operating sport facilities. Emphasizes principles and concepts of organization and administration including communication, personnel management, management of physical resources, and risk management. Examines a variety of sport operations such as indoor stadiums, athletic field complexes, and the management of recreation and intramural -activities.

412 Sport Marketing and Finance (3:3:0) Prerequisites: SPMT 201 and RRLS 411, or permission of instructor. Investigates principles and processes in sport marketing and finance. Focuses on research and development, sport promotion, sport sponsorship, advertising, merchandising, and distribution of sporting goods.

480 Special Topics in Sport Management (3:3:0) Prerequisite: 60 credits. See course description in the Schedule of Classes. Selected topics reflecting interest in specialized areas of sport management. Announced in advance.

490 Internship (12:0:12) Prerequisites: 90 hours (pass/fail); HEAL 205, 323, and 350; PHED 200 and 304; PRLS 317, 405, and 410. Paid or voluntary work experience in sport industry settings. Requires a minimum period of 10–12 weeks of full-time employment. Applies course work, theories, and research to work settings. Work sites are chosen by students after approval of faculty supervisors. Includes meetings and assignments before and during the internship.