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Environmental Science and Public Policy Courses (EVPP)

College of Arts and Sciences

675 Environmental Planning and Administration (3:3:0). Interaction of man and ecological systems; causes of damage or deterioration in the environment; content, oversights, and externalities in the management decision processes that impact the environment and the effectiveness of plan implementation; means of assessing environmental impact; administrative approaches for minimizing environmental impact.

894 Supervised Internship (3-12:0:0). Prerequisite: Permission of program director and student's doctoral committee. Training in application of ecological skills to environmental management and policy under the supervision of a qualified environmental scientist at a governmental agency, consulting firm, industry, or other acceptable organization.

991 Advanced Seminar in Environmental Biology (2:2:0). Prerequisite: Eight hours of ecology or permission of instructor. Topics generally address the interface between environmental biology and public policy. May be repeated for credit for credit.

998 Doctoral Dissertation Proposal (1-6:0:0). Prerequisite: Admission to doctoral candidacy or approval of doctoral program director. Work on a research proposal that forms the basis for a doctoral dissertation.

999 Doctoral Dissertation Research (1-12:0:0). Prerequisite: Approval of dissertation proposal. Research on a basic or applied problem in environmental science and public policy.

See additional course work under Biology (BIOL), Chemistry (CHEM), Public and International Affairs, The Institute of Public Policy, and Geography and Earth Systems Science.

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