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Institute of the Arts

"We at George Mason are deeply committed to the arts and to educating our students about the significance the arts have in all our lives. This is why the arts are integral to our institution. We encourage active student participation in the many programs and related courses in the arts that are scheduled throughout the year. Students are able to receive a more balanced education, develop a deeper appreciation of the arts, and achieve a more enlightened perspective of the world."

Alan G. Merten
President, George Mason University

The Institute of the Arts (IOA) was established in August 1990 to implement George Mason University's long-term commitment to the arts. The institute has adopted a three-fold mission:

The institute searches for innovative ways to involve all students in the artistic process, professional performances, and arts-based, nontraditional curricula. IOA makes the arts a pervasive presence in the lives of students regardless of age, ethnic background, or academic specialization.

IOA strives to maintain a balance between presenting master works of the past and creating a vital atmosphere for the production of new work. The institute is dedicated to the support and encouragement of all artists, including those of culturally diverse backgrounds, from here and abroad.

The institute is involved in the community by participating in appropriate community artistic activities, by inviting extraordinary regional artists to perform at the university, and by increasing audiences to all arts events.

Academic Programs

Currently, the institute houses five academic divisions: These majors have strong academic backgrounds and discipline programs taught by professional artists. Undergraduate minors are offered in each division.

IOA also offers a series of interdisciplinary courses that carry the institute's prefix (ARIN). These courses are listed in the Course Descriptions section of this catalog under Arts Institute. ARIN courses are open to all undergraduates and serve as electives for students within and outside of the institute's degree programs.


Sarah Lawless, Director

Evans Mandes, Director of Academic Affairs

Walter Kravitz, Division Director, Art Studio

Linda Miller, Division Director, Dance

Kristin Johnsen-Neshati, Dramaturg, Theater of the First Amendment, and Division Director, Theater

Scott Martin, Artistic Director, Visual Information Technology

Core Faculty

Brunette, Burton, Cheuse, D'Andrea, R. Davis, Deshmukh, ffolliott, Fuchs, Gabel, Gilbert, Hanrahan, Hazen, Jacobs, Kanyan, Kravitz, Lawless, Mandes, L. Miller, Oates, Shirk, Story

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