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College of Nursing and Health Science

The College of Nursing and Health Science was formed in 1993 and brings together programs in Nursing and Health Science. The mission of the college is to equip professionals to provide leadership, care, and services related to wellness and quality of life through promotion of physical, social, and environmental health. Graduates practice a variety of roles in settings that are complex, multicultural, and constantly changing. The college is a resource for health promotion to the university as well as to the citizens of the commonwealth of Virginia.


Rita M. Carty, Dean
Myra H. Fisher, Assistant Dean for Administration
Georgine M. Redmond, Associate Dean
for Undergraduate Programs
James Vail, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs
and Research
Rosemarie C. Brenkus, Assistant Dean for Student Academic Affairs


Professors: Ailinger, Butler, Carty (Dean), Cary, Dear, Feeg, Johnson-Brown, Metcalf, Liu, Silva, Walker, Wakefield

Associate Professors: Choi, Douglas, Gaffney, Hale, Harper, Jenkins, Kaseman, Maddox, Moore, Noble, Redmond, Sorrell, Trainor, Vail, Yi

Adjunct Associate Professors: DeLeon, Johnson, Norton

Assistant Professors: Boland, Boyd, Brenkus, Cianci, Conti, Fisher (Assistant Dean), Kodadek, Langley, Normile, Rigney, Roberts, Rudowski, Williams, Wu

Adjunct Assistant Professor: Barry

Instructors: Bogard, Buncher, Cofer, Dawson, Durham, Langan, Maradiegne, Merritt, Miklancie, Moss, Urban, Venske

Lecturers: Burch, Brown, White

PAGE Program

Most general education requirements within the Nursing and Health Science programs may be met through George Mason University's Plan for Alternative General Education (PAGE). Additional courses are required to meet all general education requirements while the students are enrolled in the PAGE program. Check with the college or the PAGE office for more information. PAGE courses will not be available after May 1998.

Student Health Services

The George Mason University Student Health Services is operated through a partnership between the College of Nursing and Health Science and the Office of Student Services.

Course Work

The College of Nursing and Health Science offers all course work designated NURS and HSCI in the Course Descriptions section of this catalog.

Writing-Intensive Requirement

The university requires all students to complete at least one course in their majors designated "writing intensive" at the 300 level or above. Students majoring in Nursing will fulfill this requirement by successfully completing NURS 465.

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