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Taxation Courses (TAX)

Graduate Business Institute

700 Federal Income Taxation (3:3:0). Prerequisite: Graduate degree status. Federal income tax concepts and procedures related to individual taxpayers and business entities. Emphasis on research and planning based on the Internal Revenue Code, Treasury Regulations, and administrative and judicial sources of tax law.

701 Accounting Methods and Periods (1.5:1.5:0). Corequisite: TAX 700. Tax accounting methods including the cash and accrual methods, inventory accounting, installment sales, accounting changes, and various book-tax difference. Tax accounting periods also studied.

702 Tax Practice and Procedures (1.5:1.5:0). Corequisite: TAX 700. Professional responsibilities and ethics, tax research, tax penalties, practice before the IRS, tax policy, and other issues.

703 Corporate Taxation (3:3:0). Corequisite: TAX 700. Concepts and principles that relate to federal income taxation of corporations and their shareholders. Emphasis on research of fact situations. Coverage includes the organization and capitalization of a corporation, nonliquidated and liquidated distributions, penalty taxes, collapsible corporations, and determinants of the income tax base of corporations.

704 Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions (1.5:1.5:0). Prerequisite: TAX 703. Introduces taxable and tax-deferred methods of combining, dividing, and recapitalizing existing corporations. Analyzes the effects on the corporation(s), its attributes, and its shareholders.

705 Affiliated Corporations (1.5:1.5:0). Prerequisite: TAX 703. Studies consolidated tax return regulations and filing requirements for affiliated corporations. 706 Partnership Taxation (3:3:0). Corequisite: TAX 700. Major aspects of taxation affecting partners and partnerships. Emphasis on tax planning and detailed study of the Internal Revenue Code, Treasury Regulations, and case law governing these areas.

710 Federal Estate and Gift Taxation (3:3:0). Prerequisite: TAX 700. Concepts and principles that relate to federal estate and gift taxation and the federal income taxation of estates, trusts, and beneficiaries. Emphasis on estate tax planning and a detailed study of the Internal Revenue Code, Treasury Regulations, and case law governing these areas.

711 International Taxation (3:3:0). Prerequisite: TAX 700. Taxation of individuals and corporations with foreign-source income and tax liability to the United States.

712 Advanced Tax Topics (3:3:0). Prerequisite: TAX 700. Selective analysis of current tax topics addressing important issues in contemporary tax practice. Discussion of two or three major topics. Consult the Schedule of Classes. Course may be repeated for credit with different topics.

713 State and Local Taxation (3:3:0). Prerequisite: TAX 700. Detailed analysis of the principal forms of state and local taxation.

714 Pensions and Deferred Compensation (3:3:0). Prerequisite: TAX 700. Analysis of the structure, operation, and requirements for obtaining and maintaining IRS approval of tax-qualified pensions, profit sharing, and deferred compensation plans.

792 Seminar in Accounting: Management of Professional Service Organizations (3:3:0). Prerequisite: Completion of 18 hours of M.S.A./M.S.T. required course work. Focuses on the management of the modern professional services organization with special emphasis on the strategic, marketing, human resources, risk management, and the ethical and technological issues vital to management.

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