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301 Urban Growth in a Shrinking World (3:3:0). Course examines the process of urbanization historically and comparatively. For major world regions, attention is given to the political economy of urbanization and its impact on social and economic relations. The course concludes with an examination of the growing globalization of the world economy and its implications for urban life and the urban political economy of the future.

390 Special Topics in Urban and Suburban Studies (3:3:0). Subject varies according to specialization of instructor.

401 Seminar: The Future of Metropolitan America (3:3:0). Prerequisite: 12 hours of USST-approved courses, including USST 301. Course examines trends in the development of the American metropolis, including the impact of the information economy and technological developments on metropolitan form and life, continuing outward growth and increasing decentralization of metropolitan areas, changing functional organization of urban space, and continued social segregation in metropolitan areas. Students analyze contemporary predictions about the future of metropolitan life in America and explore how alternative public policies can shape that future. Students work on research projects on metropolitan life and form in Northern Virginia and other parts of the Washington metropolitan area.

490 Internship (3:0:0). Prerequisite: Open only to authorized students with 12 hours of USST; see USST coordinator. Internships are approved work-study programs that focus on urban and suburban issues with an approved agency or firm. Placement depends on the student's qualifications and the availability of positions. Students work with an on-site supervisor and the coordinator of Urban and Suburban Studies.

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