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Women's Studies Courses (WMST)

Women's Studies Program

100 Representation of Women (3:3:0). Course surveys representations of women in a variety of cultural forms, including art, advertising, costume, television, film, fiction, and science. By examining the diversity of representations of women, the course uncovers the social negotiation of gender and the construction of cultural ideas of womanhood.

200 Introduction to Women's Studies (3:3:0). Prerequisite: 30 hours. Interdisciplinary introduction to the field of women's studies, encompassing key concepts in the field, history of women's movements and women's studies in America, cross-cultural constructions of gender, and a thematic emphasis on the diversity of women's experience across class, race, and cultural lines.

300 Current Issues in Women's Studies (3:3:0). Detailed study of selected topics central to contemporary women's studies. Topics vary, but include subjects such as women and violence, women and international development, women's myth and ritual, the history and politics of sexuality, psychoanalysis, and religion.

330 Feminist Theory Across the Disciplines (3:3:0). Prerequisite: WMST 200 or permission of instructor. Course examines feminist critique and transformation of the theories, methods, and methodologies of the sciences and humanities.

400 Internship (3:3:0). Prerequisites: WMST 200 and 54 hours. Credit is determined by the Women's Studies Program.

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