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CBMG's cDNA Libraries

  • Rat
    • We have already printed an array of ~2,000 rat genes.
  • Fruit fly
    • We have printed a set of 6,000 fly genes. The complete fly genome of 13,500 genes is expected later this year.
  • Mouse
    • We have printed a trial set of ~300 mouse genes. We have acquired a set of 15,000 mouse genes, and are scheduled to receive a nearly complete set of 30,000 mouse genes in May. We expect to finish printing this set in summer 2001.
  • Human
    • We have ordered and are scheduled to receive the complete human genome of ~40,000 genes in summer 2001, and finish printing it by the end of 2001.
  • Zebrafish
    • We have about ~2000 zebrafish genes, printing will be completed by Spring, 2001.



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