My Favorite Artists

Velazquez is probably the greatest painter ever, followed by the usual choices, such as Leonardo, da vinci, Raphael, Rubens, Caravaggio, the nineteenth century French, van Gogh, Picasso, and Matisse. Poussin is much underrated, I think, as are many of the eighteenth century French. Mondrian is especially dear to my heart. Morandi and Franz Marc are sentimental favorites. Rene Magritte is a recent interest.

Later in the twentieth century, I very much like:

Jasper Johns

de Kooning

Andy Warhol


Frank Stella

Philip Guston

Gerhard Richter

Georg Baselitz


Frida Kahlo

Howard Hodgkin

Robert Gober

Bruce Nauman

Susan Rothenberg

Damien Hirst

Matthew Barney

John Currin

Contemporary South Korean art

I am a big fan and collector of Hatian art. Going to Haiti changed my life. Haitian voodoo art is my favorite. The web sites typically don't sell the best stuff, though. Please see my short page related to Haitian art.

Many of the other arts hold great appeal for me, including Islamic calligraphy, Indian miniatures, Indonesian textiles, south Pacific tapa cloths and clubs, Latin American colonial art, Naive and Outsider Art, Russian Icon painting, African arts of all kinds (Nkisi most of all perhaps), Chinese and Japanese painting, 19th century Japanese prints, and Korean celadon, among many others.

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