Haitian Art

I am a big fan and collector of Haitian art. Going to Haiti changed my life. Haitian voodoo art is my favorite. The Web sites typically don't sell the best stuff, though. My favorite Haitian painters are, in no particular order:

Right now is a slow time for Haitian painting, which peaked in the 1950-1975 period. But it is a golden age for voodoo flag making and for voodoo art of the kind produced by Pierrot Barra. See the book *Sacred Art of Haitian Voodoo* for the best introduction. On Haitian art more generally, see Selden Rodman's *Where Art is Joy*. Haitian culture is one of the world's wonders.

To see a few of my voodoo flags. The photos portray four voodoo flags by Antoine and one by Pierrot Barra, from Barra's early days before he stopped making flags.

I also am a big fan of Kuna artworks, from the San Blas Islands off Panama. In addition to collecting molas, my favorite Kuna painter is Enrique Figueroa. Here are two pictures by him.  (picture one / picture two)

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