Reading list:



Industrial Organization I, Tyler Cowen (x2312, 4910),


(Updated 1/24/05)






Crandall, Robert – Competition and Chaos: U.S. Telecommunications since the 1996 Telecom Act, Brookings Institution, February release due, this is the revised edition.


Collins, Jim – Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t


Gordon, John Steele – An Empire of Wealth: An Epic History of American Economic Power


Hayek, F.A. – Individualism and Economic Order – you need to order this through Amazon, it is not in the bookstore.



I will draw from the following books, they are out of print or expensive, but there is value in getting a hold of a copy, not in the bookstore.


Kenneth Train, Optimal Regulation, MIT Press.


Daniel Spulber, Regulation and Markets, MIT Press.


Sanford Berg and John Tschirhart, Natural Monopoly Regulation, Cambridge University Press.


The Laffont and Tirole book A Theory of Incentives in Procurement and Regulation is a handy reference work, especially on the more technical issues.






There will be weekly quizzes, a paper and a final exam.






I. The Firm


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II.  Capital structure and control


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III.  Theory and Regulation of Natural Monopolies


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Read Lynne Kiesling’s blog,, go back through the archives, from the beginning, and read all of the entries on electricity markets.


Crandall, Robert, “Broadband Communications,” at


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IV.  Vertical control, antitrust, and related issues.


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