Center for Study of Public Choice

Jim Buchanan: A Celebration of Scholarship Conference and Memorial Reception


Detailed Sunday Schedule


9:30 a.m. Plenary Session Mason Inn Ballroom

Dennis Mueller     Constraining Leviathan

Geoffrey Brennan    The Reason of Rules

Peter Boettke    What Should Economists Do


12:15 p.m. Luncheon

Deborah Boehm - Davis    

Daniel Houser    

Peter Stearns

Alan Merten

James C. Miller III  


1:00 p.m. Memorial Program Mason Inn Ballroom

Roger Congleton, Moderator

Richard Wagner    Reflections from UVA Days

Charles Goetz    How JMB Moved to VPI: Thanks To an Unlikely Party

Domenico Da Empoli    James Buchanan and Time in Italy

Randall Holcombe    Professor Buchanan

Hartmut Kliemt    How I Came to Know James Buchanan

Fritz Schneider    Buchanan and the European Public Choice Movement: What Did We Learn from Him?


3:00 p.m. Memorial Program Mason Inn Ballroom

Alex Tabarrok, Moderator

Karen Vaughn    Buchanan's Impact on GMU

Fabio Padovano    Being a Research Assistant to Professor Buchanan

Alex Tabarrok    Buchanan and the Center

Roger Congleton    Buchanan as Mentor and Colleague

Peter Bernholz    Buchanan the Scholar, Four Decades of Memories

Geoffrey Brennan    Bye Bye Blacksburg / or Onward and Upward

Open Microphone

Closing Remarks


4:30 p.m. Adjourn

Speakers and Institutional Affiliations

Name Location Affiliation
Geoffrey Brennan Australia Australian National University
Fritz Schneider Austria University of Linz
Dennis Mueller Austria University of Vienna
Lars Feld Germany University of Freiburg
Hartmut Kliemt Germany Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Viktor Vanberg Germany Walter Eucken Institut
Domenico Da Empoli Italy Università Roma Tre
Fabio Padovano Italy Università Roma Tre
Peter Bernholz Switzerland University of Basle
Gephard Kirschgassner Switzerland University of St.Gallen
Alan Hamlin UK University of Manchester
Charles Plott US California Institute of Technology
James Gwartney US Florida State University
Randall Holcombe US Florida State University
Deborah Boehm-Davis US George Mason University
Daniel Houser US George Mason University
Alan Merten US George Mason University President Emeritus
Peter Stearns US George Mason University
Richard Wagner US George Mason University
Yong Yoon US George Mason University
Peter Boettke US George Mason University
Karen Vaughn US George Mason University
Alex Tabarrok US George Mason University
James C. Miller III US Husch Blackwell, LLC
Todd Sandler US University of Texas at Dallas
Charles Goetz US University of Virginia
Roger Congleton US West Virginia University