2013 Center Doctorates


Brian Blase defended his dissertation, “Three Papers Toward a Better Understanding of State Medicaid Programs and Program Efficiency.” Drs. Thomas Stratmann and Alex Tabarrok served on his committee.

Mark Bonica defended his dissertation, “Adam Smith on Liberty and Reputation: Is Reputation Property? Are Defamation Laws Coercive?” Drs. Donald Boudreaux and Garett Jones served on his committee.

David Hedengren defended his dissertation, “Three Microeconomic Applications Using Administrative Records.” Drs. Thomas Stratmann, Bryan Caplan, Alex Tabarrok, and John Nye served on his committee.

Jayme Lemke defended her dissertation, “The Political Economy of Gender Disparity in Law.” Dr. Tyler Cowen served on her committee.

Rong Rong defended her dissertation, “Endogenous Network Formation: Experiments and Methods.” Dr. Tyler Cowen served on her committee.

He (Helen) Yang defended her dissertation, “Land Peasants in Late Imperial China: An Economic Analysis.” Drs. John Nye and Alex Tabarrok served on her committee.


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