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Two students from TJ High School successfully finished their mentorship in SRIF Lab in January 2011

Every semester, SRIF has mentored several high schools mentees for their school projects. The students gained the professional training and hands on experiences in our SRIF lab with using cutting edge instruments.

Tom Huff , the director of Shared Research Instrumentation Facility, just successfully mentored two students from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST) in Fall 2010.
Two mentees worked on the projects to study the endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPCPs). They developed the methods on LC-MS and LCMS-IT-TOF to separate a mixture of PPCPs and EDCs (more details) .

FBI Forensic Science Lab Donates Equipment to SRIF

The FBI Forensic Science Laboratory at Quantico, Virginia has just donated several high-technology analytical instruments to SRIF. The instruments include a liquid chromatograph-ion trap mass spectrometer (LC-MS), a gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer (GC-MS)and a gas chromatograph (GC) with an FID and NPD detectors. The donation also included a number of LC-MS atmospheric pressure probes and spare parts for a liquid chrromatograph.

The LC-MS system is a Waters 2695 Alliance Separations Module coupled to a Thermo Finnegan LCQ Classic Ion Trap mass spectrometer using an off-axis electrospray ionization (ESI) probe. This instrument is capable of separating mixtures of small organic molecules into their individual components. The ion trap can identify many organic compounds using a mass spectral library. When used with authentic standards, this system can also quantify the concentration of specific compounds in a given sample.

The GC-MS system consists of an Agilent Technologies 6890 Gas Chromatograph with a 5973 quadropole mass spectrometer. This GC-MS can identify and quantify many semi-volatile organic compounds in a variety of samples.

SRIF Receives Surplus Equipment from the National Institutes of Health

SRIF has received two Thermo Finnegan LCQ Classic ion-trap mass spectrometers from the NIH surplus equipment warehouse. Lab technicians at SRIF are currently refurbishing these systems and configuring them with our existing HPLC systems. In the near future, they will be available to the general College of Science population interested in conducting independent research using liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) analysis.

For more information, contact the SRIF Director