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The CentriVap Concentrator, uses centrifugal force with heat and vacuum to rapidly evaporate and condense solvents from biological and analytical samples Centrifugation eliminates bumping and foaming as vacuum is applied and also concentrates the solute in the bottom of the vial. This allows recovery of solutes from sample volumes as small as a few microliters. The concentrator is equipped with a 300 watt heater to speed evaporation by warming the chamber during processing. A timed outlet for the vacuum pump connection delays the start of the pump until the rotor reaches operating speed. A safety switch prevents the concentrator from starting when the lid is in the open position and a latch prevents the lid from being opened while the rotor is turning. The compact, low profile design allows the concentrator to be placed on a benchtop or other laboratory work surface.

The microprocessor, which controls the operation of the heater and the motor,
provides excellent regulation and reproducibility of protocols. The end of the run
can be signaled by a manually preset timer. Nine different protocols can be stored
in memory so exact test parameters can be easily repeated.


The centrivap is located at the Prince William Campus in Room 237 of Discovery Hall Building.

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