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The Fluoroskan Ascent from labsystems is a microplate fluorometer which offers versatility and flexibility for even the most demanding fluorometric applications. The extended Fluoroskan Ascent FL is equipped with bothe fluorometric and luminometric detection technologies. As a combination instrument it covers the full range of fluorometric as well as glow and flash luminometric applications.

Ascent software controls all the reader functions and provides easy assay optimization, flexible data handling and convenient report formatting. The software for Fluoroskan Ascent FL enables both fluorometric and luminometric detection methods to be used, evenduring a single seesion.

The advanced optical system based on direct illumination optics, with a highly focused light beam for fluorometric measurements, prevents cross-talk and ensures accurate readings. The choice of two beam diameter settings allows optimal reading of 1-96 and 384-wells. High sensitivity is one of the main benefits of fibreless optics and a critical feature for luminometry. The Fluoroskan Ascent FL can also be equipped with filters for luminometric applications.

Up to three reagent dispensers can be fitted on-board, making the reagent addition simple and highly accurate. The ability of the instrument to dispense and measure simultaneously enables the detection of flash luminescence reactions, fluorometric Ca2+ measurements and other rapid kinetic applications. For assays requiring temperature control, these instruments hav an on-board incubator. Built-in orbital shaking speeds up reaction times and ensures effective mixing.

The robotic integration is simple and effective with Fluoroskan Ascent and FL. The plate carrier allows convenient access for the robot arm, and the Ascent software is easy to integrate with robotic and HIS/LIMS system.

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