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A Study of the Concentration of Atrazine and its Transformation Products in the Shenandoah River Area

So-Jung Youn, June Liu, and Thomas B. Huff


Atrazine is the most widely used herbicide in the United States with over 76 million pounds of atrazine applied to crops each year.

Supporters of atrazine use argue that it is a minimally harmful pesticide because it rapidly disintegrates into very low concentrations. If atrazine's transformation products are as harmful as current studies suggest, it is not enough that only atrazine itself degrades to environmentally safe concentrations. In addition, the concentration and effect of atrazine's transformation products in the environment has barely been studied (Shipitalo and Owens 2003).

This study is to determine the presence and concentration of atrazine and its transformation products in the Shenandoah River during the farming off-season .

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