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SRIF equipment can be a critical component in any graduate research project that requires chemical analysis. The experienced SRIF staff provides training, technical consultation and advice for project planning for George Mason University students. Examples of current student research are listed below.

If you are a George Mason University graduate student planning a research project requiring chemical analyses, please let us know. - Dr. Thomas Huff, Director, The Shared Research Instrumentation Facility.

Marieke Kester
: PhD, Environmental Science and Policy
Supervisor: Dr. Nucharin Songsasen
Department: Center for Species Survival, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute
Supervisor: Dr. Larry Rockwood
Department: Environmental Science and Policy, George Mason University
Supervisor: Dr. Thomas B Huff
Department: Shared Research Instrumentation Facility, George Mason University
Supervisor: Dr. Elizabeth Freeman
Department: New Century College, George Mason University
Research: Identification of urinary signalling compounds in maned wolf
Equipment: Agilent Techonlogies 7890A-5975C GC-MS

Golala Arya
Degree: PhD, Department of Chemitry and Biochemistry
Supervisor: Dr. Greg Foster, Potomac Environmental Science & Education Center
Department: Chemistry & Biochemistry
Research: Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Hunting Creek & Potomac River
Equipment: Agilent Techonlogies 7890A-5975C GC-MS

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