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Favorite Sites of the Shared Research Instrumentation Facility

Support Sites

The American Chemical Society offers many benchmark publications, conferences, meetings, seminars, local organizations, career services, member benefits, grants, scholarships, student activities, and generally all things chemical. This organization is a must for students who want careers in the chemical sciences.

The Environmental Protection Agency not only protects our natural resources but also sponsors many student programs and research grants. But most importantly, the EPA's published methods for detecting and analyzing chemicals in a multitude of sample types are the best places to start your research project. Whether you use HPLC, GC-mass spec or atomic absorption, the EPA methods will tell you how to prep your samples and what the best instrument parameters are.

See your tax dollars at work at this well made Web site. The National Institute of Standards Technology or NIST is located in nearby Gaithersburg, MD. NIST has been known to hire some of GMU's finest grads. Among the many services at NIST is the production, analysis, and distribution of standard reference materials (SRMs). Run one of their SRMs through your sample prep and analysis and see if your results match NIST's.

Lab Crawler is a search engine for finding companies that provide a wide variety of laboratory services.

Looking for that hard-to-find reagent? The Yellow Pages help you find virtually any business in the USA.


Waters is a company dedicated to chromatography products. This site has some of background on HPLC theory.

Supelco is the worlds largest chromatogrphy/separation technologies facility. Look for the right HPLC column for your project!

Hewlett-Packard doesn't just make computers! Information can be obtained about the many diverse Hewlett-Packard products for chemical analysis, chromatography, and spectrophotometry. Find out how to get service and support for HP products.

Chemicals and Lab Supplies

This is the top dog for us. Over 100,000 Fisher scientific products can be searched from this page. And you can place your Fisher order right here online! GMU gets up to a 50% discount on Fisher products along with Contes Glassware and Acros chemicals. What more do you want?

The MSDS (updated safety information) for chemicals can also be searched for compounds from the Fisher and Acros catalogs. Check out your reagents here, and learn what safety precautions you need to keep in mind when you do your work in the SRIF Lab. Why take chances?

The Sigma family provides supplies and chemicals from Sigma, Aldrich, and Fluka. These companies provide over 31,000 chemical products, books, techware, and software to the scientific and research community. They also offers products for tissue culture and clinical diagnostics. These catalogs also list a lot of physical properties for chemical products that might not be found in the Merck Index or the CRC.

Whatman products meet the filtration and separation needs of customers in the analytical, healthcare, and industrial market sectors. There are many sample prep methods available from this touchstone company. Good sample prep means less frustrations working with the HPLC or the GC-MS systems!

Millipore Millipore delivers filters, devices, and water purification systems to drug discovery, analytical, microbiology, and quality control laboratories. This site has an incredible list of links to many biotechnology and analytical chemistry sites. Stop by this site, but be prepared to spend some time!

Bio-rad Laboratories Market a wide range of instruments and consumables for health care, research, and industry. Shop here for ELISA and other bio-assay work.

Wilmad Glass Manufacturer of NMR sample tubes and specialty glassware.

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