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SRIF Analytical Instrument Online Tutorials

The analytical instruments in the SRIF lab are state-of-the-art research tools. Most of them are controlled by advanced data systems on desktop computers. While these instruments can provide highly-sensitive analysis of complex sample mixtures, they are also difficult to learn. That is also why employers are eagerly seeking skilled instrumental analysts.

Although SRIF is not an academic department, it does provide several ways to help research learn instrumental analysis. The first way to get information is to read the online tutorials listed below. Then sign up for one of the SRIF instrument seminars by clicking on the link in the frame to the left.

Once you have the background information you need, the next step is to sit yourself down in front of the instrument and use it! When it comes to isntrumental analysis, only experience can teach you the skills you need.

Gas Chromatography or GC is used to separate mixtures of volatile compounds based on relative boiling points (or vapor pressures).

Gas-chromatography can also be combined with a mass spectrometry detector for highly selective sample analysis. The SRIF GC-MS is acutally two instruments in one!

High Performance Liquid Chromatography ( HPLC ) is used to separate mixtures of compounds based on relative polarities.

We hope you find these tutorials useful. They are under construction and will take a bit of time to finalize. If you have any comments or suggestions, please e-mail the Webmaster at the address link below.


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