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Waiting List and Enrollment Procedures

Waiting List Procedures

All spaces are filled from the waiting list. Families wishing to put their children on the waiting list should complete and return a registration form (with the non refundable $50 registration fee). We date-stamp registration forms as they are received to maintain order of application. Once you have placed your child on the waiting list, he or she will remain on the list until space is available, or you notify us that you no longer are interested in enrolling your child. It is difficult to determine how long it might take for a space to open up after you register your child.


Enrollment Priorities and Procedures

Because we offer part-week options, sometimes a classroom may be full on one day of the week, but have one or more spaces available on other days. In order to remain fiscally viable, when a space becomes available, we seek first to maximize the utilization of the center. That is, if the class is full on MWF, but has space available on TR, and a child who attends MWF withdraws, we will seek first to fill with a GMU-affiliated child (in order of application) who will attend M-F. If there are no GMU affiliated children in need of five full days of care, we will offer the space to the first non-GMU affiliated child on the list needing five full days.

Next in order of preference will be families needing 3 full-days (GMU first, then non-GMU), and so on. We follow next with short day spaces (with the same priority system as for full days). We will continuously seek to maximize utilization, so Joey may be enrolled before Janie (who had applied sooner), because Joey's family needed care for Joey on the days that the Center had space available. For example, if Janie's family needed care on MWF, but the classroom was full on Monday and Friday, and Joey's family (who had applied later) needed care on TWH, Joey would be offered the space. Given the information in the above paragraph, it is important for families to keep their application updated regarding the number of days of care needed. Also, if you can be flexible on the days needed, please note that on the registration form.

When any of your family's information changes-address, home or work phone numbers, number/length of days care is needed-please contact the center by phone 703-993-3750 or fax(703-993-3702. When a family accepts an offered space, a $200 non-refundable deposit reserves the space. This $200 will be credited toward the child's first month's tuition. Subsequently, an enrollment agreement and packet of information will be sent or given to the family. This is to be returned at least three business days prior to the child's enrollment.

Finally, it is essential that the child and parent visit the child's new classroom together for approximately ½ hour during the week prior to the child's start date. This transition meeting, arranged directly with the head teacher in the classroom, allows the child to see his or her new classroom, the parent(s) and teacher to talk about how to best help the child transition to the program, and gives parents a chance to ask any additional questions.

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