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New Spring 2017 Special Topics Course
Medicinal Chemistry — Drug Synthesis

Topics will include retrosynthetic strategies, functional group manipulation, chirality, solid-phase synthesis/combichem, isotope labeling, and chemical/process development (drug scale-up). Register between November 1, 2016 and January 30, 2017. Please see flyer for more details.

COS Award Winner — Dr. Robin Couch

Congratulations to Dr. Robin Couch, the recipient of the 2015 College of Science Dean's Impact Award. The Impact Award is presented to a faculty member in the College who has achieved particular success, has made a notable impact, and brought recognition to the College during 2015.
Learn more about Dr. Couch's research here.


Please note a minimum grade of C is required in all prerequisite chemistry courses.  Students failing to meet a prerequisite will get a registration error message that reads "PREREQ and TEST SCORE-ERROR" when attempting to register for such courses.
For more information regarding prerequisites, please click here.


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