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Abul HussamAnalytical and Environmental Chemistry: Measurement and mitigation of arsenic in water is the current focus of my research.We are developing electroanalytical techniques for the study of toxic species in the environment. We are particularly interested in the aquatic chemistry of arsenic in groundwater and the development of inexpensive water filters. We have devised simple filters (SONO filter) to purify groundwater from toxic arsenic species. The innovation was awarded the 2007 National Academy of Engineering - Grainger Challenge Prize for Sustainability the gold medal and one million dollar. More than 225,000 such filters are in use in Bangladesh, Nepal, and India producing more than a billion liter of safe drinking water for the affected people. We are also interested in the use of electrochemical techniques to understand the diffusion behavior and electron transfer kinetics of lipophilic redox species in organized media such as micelles and microemulsions. To complement these studies we have built a high precision headspace gas chromatograph and using solid phase microextraction to study the partitioning of volatile species in ambient atmosphere and in organized media. (Extended profile)

Ph.D. Chemistry (Analytical), University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, USA. 1982.
M.Sc. Chemistry (Physical-Inorganic) University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 1976.
B.Sc. Honours in Chemistry, University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 1975.

National Academy of Engineering 2007 Grainger Challenge Prize Gold Award, 2007.
Bangladesh American Society for Humanity Award, 2007.
TIME Magazine, Global Heroes of the Environment Award, 2007.
Distinguished Alumni Award, Department of Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh, 2008.
Outstanding American by Choice Award, US Citizenship and Immigrations Services, 2008.
Distinguish Speaker Series Award, Kalamazoo Math and Science Center, Kalamazoo, Michigan, 2008.
Doctor of Science, Honoris Causa (D.Sc), University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2009.
Mercantile Bank Foundation Award in the field of Science and Technology, Bangladesh, 2010.
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Anke Neumann*, Ralf Kaegi, Andreas Voegelin, Abul Hussam, Abul Munir, Stephan Hug. Arsenic removal with composite iron matrix filters in Bangladesh: a field and laboratory study. Environ. Sci. and Technol. (, February 5, 2013), 
Abul Hussam.Potable Water: Nature and Purificationin Monitoring Water Quality. pp 259-279, S. Ahuja (Editor). Elsevier B.V. January 2013.
Hong Zhang, Abul Hussam, and Stephen G. Weber*. Properties and Transport Behavior of Perfluorotripentylamine (FC-70)-Doped Amorphous Teflon AF 2400 Films.  J. Am. Chem. Soc, 132 (50),17867–17879 (2010).
Abul Hussam, Contending with a Development Disaster: SONO Filters Remove Arsenic. Innovations: Technology, Governance, and Globalization. 4(3),103–106, 2009.
Doug Mays and Abul Hussam. Voltammetric Measurement of Arsenic in the Environment - A Review. Anal, Chim,  Acta. 646, 6-16 (2009).
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