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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

University General Education Requirements
Undergraduate Chemistry Programs

All courses listed below satisfy University General Education requirements for undergraduate Chemistry programs under the topic for which they are listed.  New courses are developed continually. The most current list of General Education requirements can be found at:




Written communication

ENGL 100 or 101 and ENGL 302


Oral Communication

COMM 100, 101, or 104



Choose from list


Fine Arts

Choose from list


Information Technology

IT 103


Western Civilization

HIST 100


Social and Behavioral Science

Choose from list


Global Understanding

Choose from list



Choose from list





Written Communication (6 credits: 3 lower, 3 upper)

ENGL 100 Composition for Non-native speakers of English
ENGL 101 Composition
ENGL 302 Advanced Composition

Oral Communication (3 credits)

COMM 100-Public Speaking
COMM 101-Interpersonal and Group Interaction

Literature Courses(3 credits)

ARAB 325-Major Arab Writers/Stories

CHIN 310 Survey of Chinese Literature

CHIN 311 Modern Chinese Literature in Translation

CHIN 328 Asian American Women Writers

CLAS 250 Classical Mythology

CLAS 260 The Legacy of Greece and Rome

CLAS 340 Greek and Roman Epic

CLAS 350 Greek and Roman Tragedy

CLAS 360 Greek and Roman Comedy

CLAS 380 Greek and Roman Novels

ENGL 201 Reading and Writing About Texts

FREN 325 Major French Writers

FREN 329 Problems of Western Civilization in French Literature

FRLN 330 Topics in World Literature

GERM 325 Major Writers

ITAL 325 Major Writers

PHIL 253 Philosophy of Literature

RUSS 325 Major Russian Writers

RUSS 326 A Survey of Russian Literature

RUSS 327 A Survey of Russian Literature

SPAN 325 Major Hispanic Writers

Fine Arts Requirement(3 Credits)

ARTH 101 Introduction to the Visual Arts

ARTH 102 Symbols and Stories in Art

ARTH 103 Introduction to Architecture

ARTH 200 Survey of Western Art (1)

ARTH 201 Survey of Western Art (2)

ARTH 321 Greek Art and Archaeology

ARTH 322 Roman Art and Archaeology

ARTH 324 From Alexander the Great to Cleopatra: The Hellenistic World

ARTH 333 Early Christian and Byzantine Art

ARTH 334 Western Medieval Art

ARTH 341 Northern Renaissance Art

ARTH 342 High Renaissance Art in Italy, 1480-1570

ARTH 344 Baroque Art in Italy, France, and Spain

ARTH 360 Nineteenth Century European Art

ARTH 362 Twentieth Century European Art

ARTH 372 Studies in 18th and 19th Century Art of the United States

ARTH 373 Studies in 20th Century American Art

ARTH 376 Twentieth Century Latin America Art

AVT 103 Introduction To The Artist's Studio

AVT 104 Studio Fundamentals I

AVT 215 Graphic Information Design I

AVT 222 Drawing I

AVT 232 Painting I

AVT 243 Printmaking I

AVT 252 Photography I Credits:4

AVT 253 Introduction to Digital Photography Credits: 4

AVT 262 Sculpture I

AVT 272 InterArts I: History and Theory of Performance Art

DANC 101 Dance Appreciation

DANC 119 Dance in Popular Culture: Afro Lation Dance

DANC 125 Beginning Modern Dance

DANC 131 Beginning Jazz

DANC 145 Beginning Ballet

DANC 161 Beginning Tap Dance

DANC 225 Beginning Intermediate Modern Dance

DANC 231 Intermediate Jazz Technique

DANC 245 Beginning Intermediate Ballet

DANC 301 What is Dance?

DANC 390 Dance History I

DANC 391 Dance History II

ENG 332 Introduction to Film

MUSI 100 Fundamentals of Music

MUSI 101 Introduction to Classical Music

MUSI 102 Popular Music in America

MUSI 107 The Development of Jazz

MUSI 301 Music in Motion Pictures

MUSI 302 American Musical Theater

MUSI 380 Wind Ensemble (1 credit)

MUSI 381 University Chorale (1 credit)

MUSI 382 Piano Ensemble (1 credit)

MUSI 383 Symphonic Band (1 credit)

MUSI 384 Symphonic Chorus (1 credit)

MUSI 385 Chamber Singers (1 credit)

MUSI 387 Symphony Orchestra

MUSI 389 Jazz Ensemble (1 credit)

MUSI 485 Chamber Ensembles (1 credit)

THR 101 The Theatrical Medium

THR 150 Drama, Stage & Society I

THR 151 Drama, Stage & Society II

THR 210 Acting I

THR 230 Introduction to Technical Theater

THR 395 Theater as the Life of the Mind

Western Civilization/World History(3 Credits)

HIST 100 History of Western Civilization


HIST 125 Introduction to World History

Social and Behavioral Science(3 Credits)

ADJ 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice

AFM 200 Introduction to African American Studies

ANTH 114 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 120 Introduction to Archaeology

ANTH 135 Human Evolution, Biology, and Culture

ANTH 396 Issues in Antrhopology: Social Sciences

CONF 101 Conflict and Our World: Introduction to Conflict Resolution

ECON 100 Economics for the Citizen

ECON 103 Contemporary Microeconomic Principles

ECON 104 Contemporary Macroeconomic Principles

ECON 110 Introduction to Economic Sciences* Credits: 2

ECON 111 Laboratory Methods in Economics* Credits: 1(110 and 111 must be taken in sequence)

EDUC 372 Human Development, Learning and Teaching

GGS 103 Human Geography

GOVT 101 Democratic Theory and Practice

GOVT 103 Introduction to American Government

HEAL 230 Introduction to Health Behavior

HIST 121 Formation of the American Republic

HIST 122 Development of Modern America

LING 326 General Linguistics

PSYC 100 Basic Concepts in Psychology

PSYC 211 Developmental Psychology

PSYC 231 Social Psychology

SOCI 101 Introductory Sociology

SOM 100 Business in American Society

TOUR 311 Women and Tourism

WMST 200 Introduction to Women’s Studies

*These courses must be taken together

Global Understanding(3 Credits)

ADJ 405 Law and Justice Around the World

ANTH 302 Peoples and Cultures Of Latin America

ANTH 304 Peoples and Cultures of the Pacific

ANTH 306 Peoples and Cultures of Island Asia

ANTH 309 Peoples and Cultures Of India

ANTH 311 Peoples and Cultures of Mainland Southeast Asia

ANTH 312 Comparative Political Systems

ANTH 313 Anthropological Perspectives On Religion

ANTH 331 Refugees

ANTH 332 Cultures in Comparative Perspective

ANTH 333 Humanitarian Action

ANTH 385 Gender, Class, and Ethnicity in Latin America

ARTH 203 Survey of Asian Art

ARTH 204 Survey of Latin American Art

ARTH 319 Art of the Ancient Near East

ARTH 320 Art of the Islamic World

ARTH 380 African Art

ARTH 382 Arts of India

ARTH 383 Arts of Southeast Asia

ARTH 384 Arts of China

ARTH 385 Arts of Japan

CEIE 100 Environmental Engineering Around the World

COMM 305 Foundations of Intercultural Communication

COMM 456 Comparative Mass Media

DANC 118 World Dance

DANC 318 Global Perspectives: World Dance Forms

ECON 360 Economics of Developing Areas

ECON 361 Economic Development of Latin America

ECON 362 African Economic Development

ECON 380 Economies in Transition

ECON 390 International Economics

ENGL 349 Global Voices

ENGL 350 The Idea of a World Literature

GCH 205 International Health

GGS 101 Major World Regions

GLOA 101 Introduction to Global Affairs

GOVT 132 Introduction to International Politics

GOVT 133 Introduction to Comparative Politics

HIST 130 Modern Global Systems

HIST 251 Survey of East Asian History

HIST 252 Modern East Asia

HIST 261 Survey of African Civilizations to 1800's

HIST 262 Survey of African Civilizations to 1800's to Present

HIST 271 Latin America from the Pre-Columbian Era to Independence

HIST 272 Latin America in the Modern Era

HIST 281 Survey of Middle Eastern Civilizations

HIST 282 Survey of Middle Eastern Civilizations

HIST 328 Rise of Russia

HIST 329 Modern Russia and the Soviet Union

HIST 356 Modern Japan

HIST 358 Post 1949 China

HIST 364 Revolution and Radical Politics in Latin America

HIST 365 Conquest and Colonization in Latin America

HIST 387 Topics in Global History

HIST 459 History of Pre-Modern South Asia

HIST 460 State and Society in Modern Iran

HIST 462 Women in Islamic Society

MSOM 305 Managing in a Global Economy

MUSI 103 Musics of the World

MUSI 431 Music History in Society III

PSYC 379 Applied Cross Cultural Activity

RELI 100 Human Religious Experience

RELI 211 Religions of the Near East

RELI 212 Religions of the Orient

RELI 313 Hindu Philosophy & Religion

RELI 315 The Buddhist Tradition

RELI 341 Global Perspectives on Spirituality and Healing

RELI 374 Islamic Thought

RUSS 354 Contemporary Post-Soviet Life

SOCI 120 Problems in Global Society

SOCI 320 Human Dimensions of Global Change

SOCI 332 Sociology of Urban Communities

SPAN 322 Introduction to Latin American Culture

THR 359 World Stages

TOUR 210 Global Understanding Through Travel and Tourism

WMST 100 Representations of Women


ADJ 303 Experiencing the Criminal Justice System

ANTH 400 Synthesis Seminar

ARTH 394 The Museum

AVT 497 Senior Project Credits:4

AVT 498 Senior Design Project Credits:4

BINF 354 Foundations of Mathematical Biology

BIOL 301 Biology and Society

BIS 490 Capstone Course (Interim Synthesis course until August 2005)

CEIE 490 Senior Design Project

CHSS 313 Mystery, Madness, and Murder

COMM 326 Rhetoric of Social Movements and Political Controversy

COMM 362 Argument and Public Policy

COMM 454 Free Speech and Ethics

CONF 490 Integration

CS 306 Synthesis of Ethics and Law for the Computing Professional

DANC 490 Senior Dance Seminar

ECE 447 Single-Chip Microcomputers Credits: 4

ECE 492 Senior Advanced Design Project I Credits:1

CS 491 Great Principles of Information Technology

DANC 490 Senior Dance Seminar

ECE 447 Single Chip Microcomputers

ECE 492 Senior Advanced Design Project I**

GGS 304 Geography of Population

GGS 420 Earth Science and Policy

GOVT 490 Synthesis Seminar

GOVT 491 Honors Seminar

HHS 465 Examination and Integration of Professional and Health Care Issues

HIST 300 Introduction to the Historical Method

HIST 499 Senior Seminar in History

IT 492 Senior Design Project I

LAS 499 Research Seminar in Latin American Studies

MATH 400 History of Math

MUSI 490 Musical Communication in Context

NCLC 308 American Landscapes in Fiction, Film and History

PHIL 309 Bioethics

PHIL 343 Issues in Environmental Ethics

PHIL 377 Darwin: Biology and Beyond

PHIL 378 Reason, Science and Faith in the Modern Age

RELI 490 Comparative Studies of Religions

SOCI 377 Arts in Society

SOCI 483 The Sociology of Higher Education

**These courses must be taken in sequence

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