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Building a Better Mouse Trap: IronPort Anti-Spam Solution

What's New?


March 2008

After an extensive evaluation, the Mason ITU selected a new Anti-Spam solution by IronPort, an industry leader in providing Email solutions. The new system ,  IronPort Anti-Spam,  utilizes ‘best-of-breed’ conventional Spam-fighting techniques and new innovations to protect Mason Email better than ever.

To filter out as much Spam as possible, IronPort employs an exclusive Context Adaptive Scanning Engine™ (CASE) to examine the complete context of an email message including:

  • Content of the message
  • Construction of the message
  • Reputation of the message sender
  • Reputation of the site from which a message is sent


For more information about IronPort Anti-spam, visit the following link, http://www.ironport.com/technology/ironport_antispam.html


Like the previous system, Mail Fronter/SonicWall, the IronPort system will have a quarantine for messages classified as 'likely spam' and will send out a daily summary of new messages added to the quarantine.


The IronPort system has been operating in a pilot mode since January 2008 and will fully replace the MailFrontier/SonicWall system in March 2008.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to do anything special to use the new system?
No. All users are automatically using the new IronPort system.


Can I opt out of using IronPort?

Yes, however this task must be performed by the email administrators. Contact the ITU Support Center at 993-8870 in order to request that you be opted out of the IronPort system.


Do I still need to use anti-spam settings in my client software?

If your client currently provides the ability to scan messages and identify those messages as spam, we recommend that you continue to use this functionality.


What options can I change in the IronPort system?

Currently users can manage the messages in their quarantine as well as two special lists - a safel ist and a block list. Addresses on the safe list are automatically delivered even if they are considered spam. Messages from addresses on the block list are automatically rejected. We recognize that there are fewer user settings in the IronPort system and the vendor is actively working on enhancements that will allow for more settings to be changed at the user level.


How come there are very few user settings?

The IronPort system was designed with the majority of the settings being controlled by the administrator at the system level. IronPort is aware that competing products allow for more user customization and is working to provide additional functionality. However, the emphasis will continue to be in improving the anti-spam engine and keeping ahead of the spammers.


Will my settings (allow list, block list) be transferred from MailFrontier/SonicWall to the IronPort system?

Due to incompatibilities between the two systems, it is not possible to copy over the user settings.


Do messages in the quarantine count against my email quota?

No, not unless the message is released from the quarantine and delivered to your mailbox.


How long are messages retained in the quarantine?

Messages are retained for 7 days. Once the 7 days are up, the message is removed from the quarantine. Messages that have been released or removed from the quarantine cannot be recovered.

How do I move a message from quarantine to my inbox?
There are two ways to do this. The simplest was is to click on the "release" link that is located next to the message in your digest. If you no longer have the digest, you can login to the web interface (https://ironport-antispam.gmu.edu), browse your junk box, and release any message(s) that you want to keep.

How do I change the frequency of when I receive my Junk Mail Summary digests.
In the new IronPort system everyone will receive one junk mail summary per day sent at approximately 1:00am. The ability for individuals to have separate settings for when they receive their Junk Mail Summary or to not receive a junk mail summary at all is currently not available. We recognize that there are fewer user settings in the IronPort system and the vendor is actively working on enhancements that will allow for more settings to be changed at the user level.

What userid and password do I use to access the quarantine and user settings?
The IronPort System is tied into the George Mason Enterprise
Directory and uses the same userid and password that you use
to access your MEMO account.  This is also the same password that you use for the CorporateTime/Calendar and WebCT.

What is the url for the web page that will allow me to change my individual spam settings?
The url is https://ironport-antispam.gmu.edu  which is also listed in each daily digest that you receive.

Can I get mail restored to the quarantine after 7 days?
No. The quarantine is only backed up for disaster recovery purposes and individual messages cannot be restored.

Where do I go if my question hasn't been answered here?
Please contact the ITU Support Center for assistance. ITU Support can
be reached via email at support@gmu.edu or by phone at (703) 993-8870.