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Purpose - This form is used to request installation of computers and upgrading Operating Systems. The following activities performed by TSS Desktop will incur a $30.00 service charge.

  • All technology installations including computers, peripherals (printers, PDAs, smart phones).
  • Installation of parts into equipment not required for a repair. For example adding more memory or an additional hard drive to a PC.
  • Request to rebuild/reimage a computer, or to upgrade the computer's Operating System, other than for repair purposes. For example when an employee leaves, a request is made to reformat and rebuild a computer for the next user.
Instructions - PLEASE READ - Please fill-in this form online. Submitting the completed form will generate a ticket, Submission of this form is your approval for the installation fee to be charged to the account entered on this form. All areas with asterisks (*) are required. This form may only be used by faculty and staff members.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a new Data Backup Policy. Please review the steps you must take in order to to ensure your data is preserved. Click Here to Review Data Backup Policy

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Please Note: We will do our best to meet your requested due date, but ultimately work will be finished as quick as possible, dependent on word load and staffing.

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I understand that there will be a $30.00 charge for this service. Authorize Charge

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Updated December 28, 2012