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Software Installation Request

Software Installation Request for Classrooms, and Virtual Computing Lab (VCL)

Installation completion is dependent on the time period it is received. No adhoc requests will be processed during the first two weeks of the semester. All adhoc requests receieved afterwards will require a minimum of 10 business days, due to high class volume and limited classroom access.

To guarantee software is available at the start of the semester, all requests must be received by the following dates listed below:

  • Fall Semester: 15th of July
  • Spring Semester: 1st of December
  • Summer Semester: 21st of April
Instructions - PLEASE READ - Please fill-in this form online. Submitting the completed form will generate a ticket. This form may only be used by faculty and staff members.
All areas with asterisks (*) are required

Note: All systems are running Windows 7 Enterprise Operating System.

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Additional Information/Comments

Requestor must provide all the materials listed when submitting a software request. Processing of requests will not begin until all information is provided to Computing Services. (inter-campus mail to msn:1F3)

  • Copy of purchace order
  • Copy of paid invoice with the number of seats
  • Current license agreement and installation key
  • Registration card with serial number and date of purchace
  • Original manuals and technicial documentation
  • Software program installation instructions
  • System requirements and technical support contact numbers


I confirm that:

  • I understand the polices outlined above regarding installation timelines.
  • I am agreeing to provide the necessary materials requested above.
  • I understand that processing of my request does not occur until I have provided the requested materials
  • That if I have additional questions, I can visit

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