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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for PMI (Private Music Instruction)?
Visit Melinda Wildman in the music office, room 417-C to receive your PMI syllabus with the registration information needed to register for PMI via Patriotweb. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they are registered for all classes, including PMI.

Do I have to perform in a School of Music Recital?
All Graduate students and Undergraduate Performance majors are required to perform in a School of Music Recital each semester, except for their first semester of study at George Mason University. Non-performance music majors and music minors may perform in a School of Music Recital at the recommendation of their Private Music Instructor. Sign-ups for School of Music Recitals occur during the first two weeks of each semester.

When are juries?
Juries typically occur at the end of the semester during any designated Reading Days and Exam Days. Spring 2006 Juries will be held on May 8, 9, and 10. Please note that the juries for your instrument may occur only on one or two of these days. Jury Sign-up sheets will be posted on the PMI bulletin board (4th floor, across from the elevator). Jury time slots are awarded on a “first come, first served” basis, so plan on signing up early.

What is MUSI 300: Recital Attendance?
MUSI 300: Recital Attendance is a non-credit bearing course for which students receive either a “satisfactory” or “no credit” grade. All music majors are required to pass five semesters of MUSI 300 in order to graduate. Music minors must pass two semesters of MUSI 300.
Transfer students will not be required to fulfill the MUSI 300 requirement for more than the number of semesters that they are actually enrolled at GMU for six or more credits per semester (excluding the Student Teaching semester of Music Education students). If a course titled Recital Attendance actually appears on the student’s transcript, then the five-semester requirement will be reduced by the number of times the course was taken and passed elsewhere prior to coming to GMU. Students holding an undergraduate degree in music do not need to fulfill the MUSI 300 requirement.

How do I sign up for MUSI 300?
Students register for MUSI 300 in the same manner as they register for any other class. A registration call number appears in the paper and online versions of the Schedule of Classes that may be used to register via Patriotweb.

Who do I talk to about advising?
The School of Music provides its students with two advisors: Karen Clark Evans and Melinda Wildman. Please direct all matters involving Private Music Instruction, Recitals, and Auditions to Melinda Wildman at 703-993-1392. Please direct all other Graduate and Undergraduate issues such as Degree Audits, registration, and scheduling to Karen Clark Evans at 703-993-1390.

How do I make sure that I’m on track for graduation?
Set up an appointment with Karen Clark Evans by email or phone at 703-993-1390.

How do I get an instrumental locker?
See Professor Anthony Maiello at the beginning of the semester. Lockers are given out on a “first come, first served” basis.

How do I sign up for a recital?
Sign-ups occur during the first two weeks of classes by students visiting the Recital Bulletin Board in the entrance hallway on the third floor.
Junior, Senior, and Education recital sign-ups occur during the first two weeks of classes by visiting Melinda Wildman in the music office, room 417-C.

When are placement tests?
Placement tests typically occur the week before classes start. Please call the Music Office at 703-993-1380 for more information.

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February 23, 2009 3:41 PM