Kenneth J. Button Jonathan L. Gifford Kingsley Haynes Darryl Jenkins Lawrence H. Stern Roger R. Stough

Kenneth J. Button

Kenneth Button is Distinguished Research Professor in The Institute of Public Policy, George Mason University. Immediately prior to this was Conseiller in the Advisory Unit to the Secretary General of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Deve lopment, Paris where he headed work on International Aviation. He was then on leave from being Professor of Applied Economics and Transport and Director of the Centre for Research in European Economics and Finance at Loughborough University and VSB Visiti ng Professor of Transport and the Environment at the Tinbergen Institute, Amsterdam. He has held visiting posts at the University of British Columbia and the University of California at Berkeley and served as special advisor to the UK's House of Commons T ransport Committee. He has published over 50 books and 400 articles on transport and related topics.

Jonathan L. Gifford

Jonathan Gifford is a Professor of Public Management and Policy jointly in the Department of Public and International Affairs and The Institute of Public Policy, George Mason University. He was previously in the School of Urban and Public Affairs at Carnegie Mellon University and has worked in the US Office of Management and Budget, the Congressional Budget Office and the Office of Technology Assessment. He has edited several books on transportation and published numerous articles on transportation matters including work on transportation infrastructure planning and management, aviation policy and the use of information technology.

Kingsley Haynes

Kingsley Haynes is Director of The Institute of Public Policy, George Mason University and University Professor of Public Policy. He was Chair of the Department of Geography at Boston University and of the Urban Regional Analysis and Planning faculty at Indiana University and Director of the university's Regional Economic Development Institute. He was also a founding faculty member at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas. His recent work has focused on innovative infrastructure financing, regional economic development and environmental questions.

Darryl Jenkins

Darryl Jenkins is the President of the Aviation Foundation, Research Associate in The Institute of Public Policy, George Mason University and Adjunct Professor at the Travel and Tourism Program of the George Washington University where he founded the Aviation Safety Institute and the Forum on Tourism and Aviation. He is also Chairman of the Safety Track of the White House Commission - George Washington University Conference on Aviation Security and Safety. He is the author of several books and numerous studies on aviation policy. His recent work has been in the fields of aviation safety, airline regulation, aviation administration and tourism.

Lawrence H. Stern

Lawrence Stern was until recently Associate Director, Office of Aeronautics, NASA where he was responsible for economic analysis of the aeronautic and aviation industry. He has served as Senior Fellow at the National Academy of Engineering and was Director for Policy and Strategic Plans, Office of Space Flight, Assistant Director for Management Operations, Ames Research Center, and Director of Administration, Dryden Research Center. He currently is a Research Professor in The Institute of Public Policy, George Mason University where he has been working on, among other things, the competitiveness of the US aeronautics and aviation industry.

Roger R. Stough

Roger Stough is NOVA Professor of Public Policy at George Mason University and Director of its Transportation Policy Program. He was previously Chair of the Regional Analysis and Planning Faculty at Indiana University and Associate Dean of the School of Public and Environment Affairs (Acting), Regional Economic Development Institute. Recent work has included studies of regional technology and competitiveness policy and the modeling of transport systems. He has chaired task forces of mayors and of high level officials both domestically and internationally. He has edited several books and numerous articles on regional economic development, transportation and governance.

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