Contributions of the "Active Colleagues"



 Henry Alberts

Pioneering applications to the redesign of the U. S. Defense Acquisition System, and to the legislation that effected the redesign

 R. F. Bales

 Developing the concept of role distinctions and the observational classification of behavior in group settings

 I. M. Bochenski

 Publishing a scholarly overview of the history of formal logic

 Benjamin Broome

 Teaching Interactive Management (IM), training IM staff, conducting IM Workshops in many settings, and pursuing scholarly study of group work

 Roxana Cárdenas

 Co-authoring a textbook on IM, pioneering the application of IM in Mexico, teaching IM to faculty and staff in Mexico, and collaborating in offering short courses on the science of generic design and the application of IM

 Alexander Christakis

 Collaborating in the development of IM, pioneering its application in a variety of arenas, co-authoring work on dimensionality, and contributing to the proper use of language

 Raymond Fitz

 Leading the first computer-assisted application of Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM), and pioneering its application to renovation of the African Sahel

 Frank Harary

 Publishing a scholarly work on structural modeling

 B. L. T. Hedberg and his co-authors

 Publishing a scholarly work on organizational change

 F. Ross Janes

 Pioneering the introduction, teaching, and application of IM in the United Kingdom

 I. W. Janis

 Publishing a scholarly work on dysfunctional group behavior

 I. Kapelouzos

 Publishing a scholarly work assessing the before-and-after aspects of the application of IM

 J. L. LeMoigne

 Clarifying the history of engineering education in France and the U. S. A., including the fateful choice of Auguste Comte as a model instead of Da Vinci

 David Mackett

 Pioneering the application of IM to problems of fishery-related industries and research

 Robert McDonald

 Pioneering the application of IM to forestry and to education

 George A. Miller

 Clarifying intellectual limitations caused by limited memory capability

 Scott M. Staley

 Pioneering the application and successful installation of IM in Ford Motor Company

 B. W. Tuckman

 Clarifying the major sequential aspects of ordinary group work

 Robert J. Waller

 Pioneering the application of IM, leading the first (non-computer-assisted) workshop on urban projects, and applying it to a variety of applications; and publishing enhancements to the theory

 Rosamond Warfield

 Helping in many areas, to free up John Warfield to carry on this work in the absence of adequate institutional support

 James T. C. Wright

 Pioneering the application of IM in Brazil to a variety of significant national and urban issues

Names of direct collaborators are highlighted. Other names are those of "colleagues-at-a-distance", i.e., persons whose ideas contributed directly to the framing of Interactive Management. All persons listed are believed to be living at the time of this writing.