Wandwaver Intellectual Resources to Clarify the Wandwaver Challenges
and the Details of how to Resolve Them


Explaining the means to enhance intellectual productivity.

Accelerating Productivity of Intellectual Organizations by Systems Methodologies (1994), Published Paper, 6 pages


Understanding complexity, its measurement, its impact, its demands, and the means to resolve it.

An Essay on Complexity (1995), Report, 15 pages
"Complexity Measurement of Systems Design" (1995), Published Paper, 9 pages
Demands Imposed on Higher Education by Complexity (1995), Report, 27 pages
Demands Imposed on Systems Science by Complexity (1995), Published Paper, 8 pages
Demands of Complexity on Higher Education (1995), Cell Packet, 19 pages
Demands of Complexity on Systems Science (1995), Cell Packet, 52 pages
Origins and Remedies for Situational Complexity in Organizations (1994), Cell Packet, 40 pages
Seven Ways to Portray Complexity (1996), Report, 38 pages
Seventeen Laws of Complexity (1996), Report, 34 pages
Spreadthink: Explaining Ineffective Groups (1995), Published Paper, 10 pages
Structural Thinking: Organizing Complexity Through Disciplined Activity (1996), Published Paper, 21 pages
Work Program of Complexity (1996), Book Draft, 300+ pages


Getting a deeper feeling for how science can be exploited in the service of society.

Argentina Seminar Series, "Science and Society" (1992), Outlines, 20 pages
Generic Design for Engineers, A Course (1995), Book Excerpt, 23 pages
Generic Design Science and Interactive Management (1991) Annotated Bibliography, 140 pages
Generic Design Science and Interactive Management Overview (1990), Cell Packet, 30 pages
Science of Generic Design, Diagnostics (1991), Cell Packet, 27 pages
Science of Generic Design: Foundations and Applications (1991), Cell Packet, ?? pages
Science of Generic Design: Managing Complexity Through Systems Design (1996), Book Draft, 300+ pages
Ship of State and the Sea of Knowledge (1995), Draft Portion of Book, 55 pages
Structural Thinking (Silver Anniversary Report) (1993), Report, 64 pages
Technomyopia Threatens Our National Security (1988), Report, 25 pages


Developing a sense of confidence in the WANDWAVER SOLUTION by seeing how its processes have been applied successfully in diverse applications, and discovering external sources of additional credibility-producing experiences.

Case: Food and Drug Administration (1995), Report, 43 pages plus Appendices
Case: Four Application Studies Using Interactive Management (1995), Report, 31 pages
Case: Groupthink, Clanthink, Spreadthink, and Linkthink (1993), Report, 64 pages
Case: Redesigning the U. S. Defense Acquisition System (1995), Ph. D. Dissertation, 300+ pages
Case: "Gender Sensitivity Workshop" (Status of Women in Liberia) (1995), Report, 13 pages plus Appendices
Case: Strategic Planning for the State of Guanajuato (1995), Contents of 3-Volume Plan, 18 pages
Transferring Interactive Management Technology to Ford Motor Company (1994), Report, 34 pages


Understanding dysfunctional features of organizational cultures that cannot be corrected by modest approaches or unintegrated practices.

"Clanthink" (1993), Cell Package, 12 pages
A"Cybernetics" (1994), Published Paper, 22 pages
Developing a Design Culture in Higher Education (The Chios Report and Declaration) (1988), Report, 84 pages
Great University, The (1995), Report, 15 pages
Learning Organization: Its Relevance to Policymaking (1992), Report, 15 pages
Mentomology, The Identification and Classification of Mindbugs (1995), Report, 6 pages
Problematique for Policy Research: Interpretation (1995), Report, 9 pages
Some Magnificent Academic Trusels and Their Social Consequences (1992), Report, 14 pages
Widely Ignored Subtleties That Are Critical to Decision-Making (1990), Published Paper, 9 pages


Understanding more fully what kinds of changes are required to enable improvements to occur and be effective.

"Complexity and Cognitive Equilibrium: Experimental Results and Their Implications" (1991), Published Paper, 13 pages
Model of a Discipline (1984), Published Paper, 12 pages
Procrustes is Alive and Well and is Teaching Composition in the English Department (1995), Report, 35 pages
Proposal for Demosophia Room at George Mason University (1995), Proposal, 28 pages


Putting ideas in historical and educational broad perspective.

"Complexity and Drummers" (1994), Partial Book Draft, 273 pages
History, Compressed (1994), Report, 20 pages
Lessons Learned from 25 Years of Research on Complexity (1994), Report, 24 pages
Multiform Calendar (1995), Report, 8 pages
Panel of Philosophers and a Poet, A (1995), Cell Packet, 54 pages
Philosophy of Design, A (1995), Report, 93 pages
Preguntas: Dr. Warfield (1990), Report, 50 pages
Time Out While We Change Drummers (1995), Partial Book Draft, 56 pages
Understanding Design Science and Its Implications (1995) Cell Packet, 51 pages
Warfield Collected Papers on Education (1996), Contents Listings, 6-Volume Set
Warfield Collected Papers on Education (1996), 6-Volume Set


Details of the system of processes needed to resolve complexity.

Excerpts from Chapter 14 of HANDBOOK OF INTERACTIVE MANAGEMENT (1994), Book Excerpt, 26 pages
HANDBOOK OF INTERCTIVE MANAGEMENT, Excerpts from Chapter 14 (1994), Book Excerpt, 26 pages
Interactive Management Workshops: Planning for Success (1991), Cell Packet, 12 pages


Making visible the extensive research program extending over almost 3 decades that underpin the WANDWAVER SOLUTION.

"Complexity Research: Annotated Bibliography, 1993-1996" (1996), Annotated Bibliography, 37 pages
"Constraint Theory, Friedman's Research" (1994), Index, 29 pages
Four Books on Complexity (1995), Annotated Bibliography, 22 pages
IASIS File, The (1994), Annotated bibliography, 174 pages
Interpretive Structural Modeling and Related Work (1990), Annotated Bibliography, 131 pages
Publications on Complexity (1994), Annotated Bibliography, 28 pages
Self-Study Program Development Guide (1993), Report, 209 pages
Warfield Publications on Complexity (1995), Annotated Bibliography, 19 pages


Illustrating, in miniature, example educational programs keyed to designing the future.

Teaching Design and Designing Teaching (1995), Published Paper, 6 pages
IASIS Short Courses Available to Sponsors (1996), Proposal, 32 pages
Interactive Management Symposium Options for Texas (1993), Proposal, 20 pages


Showing in depth the mathematical foundations for the Work Program of Complexity, which provide the necessary technological support for the restructuring of knowledge to enhance its visibility.

Lattices as Fundamental Spaces (1994), Draft Paper, 18 pages
Mathematics of Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM) (1992), Annotated Bibliography, 7 pages
Mathematics of Modeling (Draft) (1993), Partial Book Draft, 103 pages
Mathematics of Modeling (Notation for) (1993), Partial Book Draft, 41 pages