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About Recruitment




Joining the Greek System at GMU offers you the experience of a lifetime. While being a member of a sorority, you'll develop lifelong friendships while learning import-ant leadership skills, time man-agement, the value of community service, and much, much more. Here is the opportunity to further your education outside of the classroom.


During recruitment Week you will have the opportunity to meet women from each of the sorority chapters. It is promised to be a fun filled, exciting, and very busy week! In making your decision concerning which chapter to join, remember some very important advice. Chose a sorority in which you can share common goals and ideals with. Look for lasting qualities such as leadership, character, and sisterhood. Always keep an open mind and remember the right choice for a friend may not be the right choice for you.

The sisters of Alpha Phi look forward to meeting you during Spring 2006 Recruitment!

When you're an Alpha Phi, you are a member of an international group of sisters -- friends and family forever. Joining a sorority will not only help you achieve personal growth, but will help you form bonds with other girls which you will carry with you through the years. Alpha Phi upholds the highest ideals of womanhood, scholarship, service, sisterly love and kindness. We believe in growth through leadership, advancement in scholarship, and most importantly, building a lifelong family of friends.