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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Become an Alpha Phi?

Alpha Phi is by far the most desired sorority at George Mason University.  We participate in both formal and informal recruitments. 
The first step to joining any sorority is signing up for recruitment in the Student Activities Office located in Student Union Building 1 (SUB1). Formal recruitment is held in September this year and informal recruitment will be the following spring semester.   We encourage you to participate in recruitment to find your best sorority fit!

I Heard Alpha Phi Is Too Full - Does This Hurt My Chances of Getting In?
Absolutely not! Everyone has an equal opportunity when going through recruitment. During formal recruitment, every sorority is able to take the same amount of girls. This is your chance to see where you belong and which sorority is right for you.

How Much Time Will Being In a Sorority Take Up?
Alpha Phi is the only sorority on campus that does not “assess”, this means making sisters pay for events that they are unable to attend. It's up to the individual how much they want to be involved in your sorority experience.  As Alpha Phi’s, we feel that the more time you put in to your experience, the more you will get out of it!

I Heard Joining a Sorority is Just Paying for Your Friends – Is This True? 
Not at all!  Alpha Phi has the least expensive dues of all of the sororities at George Mason University.    Our “dues” go towards our International Philanthropy, the Alpha Phi Foundation in Support of Cardiac Care, chapter social events, both chapter Formal and Semi-Formal events, sisterhood events and many other Alpha Phi activities held throughout the year.   

Do You Haze?
Alpha Phi is a NON-hazing sorority.  There is a strict policy that each sister abides by, dictated by both George Mason University Greek life and Alpha Phi International. Alpha Phi's New Member period is a fun and memorable time for both the new member and the sisters and is a time dedicated to forming the foundation for strong Alpha Phi sisterhood.

What is Your New Member Period Like?
Our New Member period is a six week period that starts the day a New Member receives her bid card.  It is filled with fun, excitement and life long memories.  During this period a New Member receives their Greek Family, New Member class and will experience many other exciting activities.  At the culmination of this period, a New Member is invited to be a Sister into Alpha Phi.

Why Alpha Phi?
Being a member of Alpha Phi gives each of its members a sense of belonging in many ways. These qualities include sisterhood, ritual, tradition, philanthropy, scholarship, leadership, and life long sisters.  Alpha Phi is centered on sisterhood- something that each sister takes very seriously. Sisterhood to us is a meaning of respect that each sister has for one another, and understanding that your sisters are there for you at any moment. There is no comparison to Alpha Phi's sisterhood; Alpha Phi seeks the highest ideal of womanhood. We support one another in any path that is taken.

“Alpha Phi feels like… home”