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At a time when society looked upon women only as daughters, wives, and mothers—and therefore not in need of higher education—our founders were pioneers of the coeducational system. Attending school with the handicap of implied, if not open, opposition, our founders sought support from each other. There was a need for a social center, a place of conference, a tie to unite, a circle of friends. They formed Alpha Phi in 1872 at Syracuse University. Alpha Phi's symbols are the ivy leaf and the teddy bear; its flower is the forget-me-not, and its colors are silver and bordeaux.

Today, Alpha Phi continues to provide a "tie which unites, a circle of friends" for women young and old all around the world. We are all grateful and proud of the legacy left to us by our ten founders:

  • Clara Bradley Wheeler Baker Burdette
  • Hattie Florence Chidester Lukens
  • Martha Emily Foote Crow
  • Ida Arabella Gilbert DeLamanter Houghton
  • Jane Sara Higham
  • Kate Elizabeth Hogoboom Gilbert
  • Elizabeth Grace Hubbell Shults
  • Rena A. Michaels Atchison
  • Louise Viola Shepard Hancock
  • Clara Sittser Williams