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Welcome to the 2007-2008 George Mason University Psi Chi web site. On this page you can find all manner of information about the Psi Chi organization, its goals and mission, as well as find information about what the George Mason University Chapter is up to. Please use the enhanced navigation device on the left to navigate this site. If you don't have the free Flash player you can download it here, or you can use the navigation menu along the bottom. Below you will find information relevant to current or prospective Psi Chi members including event dates, service projects and important reminders.


Welcome New Members!

Congratulations to the new Spring 2008 members of Psi Chi! We would like to welcome you to our chapter, and we look forward to working with you this year. You all now have a better opportunity to promote your psychological research, receive national and international recognition, meet and interact with leaders in your field, and meet Psi Chi members of other chapters who also will be future leaders! We have a demanding agenda in Psi Chi this year, and we are glad that you are willing to be part of our growth! The new members are:

Sarvenaz Allahverdi * Jessica Alva * Buraq Amin * Samantha Baard * Mariam Bamizai * Parviz Bozzelli * Erin Clyne * Claire Cohen * Michelle Correa * Bronwyn Devlin * Maria Drvoshanov * Ashley Dunn * Shana Fitzpatrick * Amy Freese * Jennifer Garlick * Brittney Harris * Maryam Irshad * Rebekka Istrail * Sara Julian * Carrie Loving * Ana-Carolina Loyola * Svetlana Macarova * Ian Masson * Nadia Molliendo * Kelly Moore * Shannon Moore * Gerson Morales * Thaihuong Nguyen * Megan Osborn * Thomas Parry * Tizoc Perez-Casillas * Megan Remener * Pamela Renninger * Samantha Rumley * Erica Sears * Alberto Valadares * Stephanie Wagner * Nicole Werner

Psi Chi Psychology Department T-Shirt Sale!

The officers of Psi Chi have come up with a psychology department t-shirt for sale. All profits will go to support Fisher House, which provides housing to family members of men and women in the armed services who are hospitalized due to illness or injury. Here is a link to their website if you'd like to learn more about Fisher House:
(It's kind of like the Military's Ronald McDonald House.)

The design of the front and back of the department t-shirt can be found here (in pdf format). If you'd like to order one (or more), please e-mail Dr.Hurley at mhurley2@gmu.edu with the following information:

1. Your name
2. Number of t-shirts you'd like to order
3. Size of t-shirt(s) (small, medium, large)

The t-shirt costs $15. Dr.Hurley will e-mail you back to confirm your order once you've e-mailed him.

Officers for 2007-2008

The officers for the 2007-2008 school year are:

President: Afra Saeed

Vice President: Ashtyn Campbell

Treasurer: Bianchi Suarez

Secretary: Ivana Man

Historian: Wendy Baccus

Undergraduate Representative: Lauren Serpati

Publicity/Public Relations: Kelly Demory


New Member Applications!

More information about applicant criteria and application procedures can be found here. Interested applicants may pick up an application from the Psi Chi board in David King Hall, contact one of this year's officers for an application, or download an application from this site.


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March 25, 2008

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