Applied Developmental Psychology Student Group

Psychology Department Poster Printing

The Psychology Department has its own poster printer for faculty and student use. PLEASE, DO NOT PRINT PERSONAL FILES! Poster printing is located in David King Hall, room 2064 (Patrick McKnight's lab). A code is required for this room. Please ask your faculty advisor or the Administrative Coordinator (room 2086) for the access code to this room. DO NOT SHARE THIS CODE WITH ANYBODY!

Procedures for Printing a Poster

Step 1: Design

Create your poster using PowerPoint by arranging all content on one 'slide'. This slide will be blown up to poster size so pay attention to detail, as small errors will become large errors. Save your poster to a USB flash drive. An option is available to send your poster directly to the the printer over the network. This options is advanced and not required. Please contact the Administrative Coordinator for details.

Step 2: Schedule

The appointment book is located in 2086. The available hours are from 8:30-5:00 PM M-F, with the exception of 11:30-1:30 on Thursdays. Available times are subject to change, especially given Patrick and his lab's graciousness for allowing us to use his space. After hours printing is discouraged, but accommodations can be made by contacting the Administrative Coordinator. Please book in one hour increments so as to not overbook appointments and not overwork the equipment.

Step 3: Appointment

Visit David King Hall, room 2064 at your scheduled time. It's best to have the poster ready to go in the PowerPoint file  on a USB flash drive. Please allow enough time to print your poster, as problems do occur. Poster printing can take up to 45 minutes.

Step 4: Print

Be sure to sign your name and date on the sign-in sheet by the computer. Directions for printing your poster are located next to the machine itself. Follow the instructions and watch your poster print! Please alert the Administrative Coordinator to any malfunction or if paper or ink levels are running low.