ALD - Second General Meeting
Monday, November 8, 2004

Main Topics

  1. Report of ALD Activities in October 2004
  2. National ALD Conference in Kansas City
  3. Volunteer Activities for November 2004
  4. T-Shirt for ALD Members
  5. Encouragement
  6. Raffle Officer

Before the Meeting:

    * Officers picture for ALD Website
    * Calendar hand-out for ALD Members
    * New Officers Welcome : Mike gagnon as Vice-President of Operations and Christopher Boch as Webmaster
    * Sign-Up Sheet for the Meeting, T-Shirt, and Volunteer Event at I-Nova on Saturday
    * Krispy Kreme Donuts and Hot Chocolate are to be Served

  1. Report of ALD Activities in October 2004
    1. ALD Website - Information about the new ALD Website at:
    2. Food Drive and Blood Drive
      1. Task: Donating food or donating blood.
      2. Result: Many members earn many ALD hours for these volunteer activites.
    3. National Make a Difference Day
      1. Task: Picking up trash around the George Mason University Campus.
      2. Result: 5-6 full bags of trash gathered by ALD members.
    4. Halloween
      1. Task: Preparing and giving out candy for freshmen
      2. Result: The preparation was perfectly on time and freshmen very much appreciated the present from ALD members.
  2. National ALD Conference in Kansas City
    1. Dean Fox received the Advisor of the Year award and gave a speech at the conference.
    2. George Mason University Chapter received the Gold Award for the increase of 92% membership.
    3. GMU's ALD President and Vice-President met with other universities and learned new experiences, as well as the large scope of ALD society nationwide.
  3. Volunteer Activities for November 2004
    1. Making Paper Turkeys
      1. Time: Anytime between 9 am and noon.
      2. Date: From Tuesday, November 9 to Thursday, November 11
      3. Location: Third Floor, Enterprise Hall
      4. Recorded Volunteer Hour: 4 turkeys = 1 volunteer hour or hour for hour's work (whichever is greater)
      5. Task: To prepare paper turkeys to give to children at INOVA hospital.
    2. Second Saturday's
      1. Time: 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm
      2. Date: Saturday, November 13, 2004
      3. Location: INOVA Hospital on R-123
      4. Recorded Volunteer Hour: 3.5 volunteer hours
      5. Task: To play bingo with INOVA Assisted Living Patients
      6. Notice: Whoever needs a ride, email the Vice-President Bethany Shaffner at :
    3. Blood Donations
      1. Can be done anytime.
      2. Provide documentation to Dean Fox in ENT 316.
    4. Food Drive
      1. Will continue through the end of the fall 2004 semester.
  4. T-Shirt for ALD Members
    1. T-Shirt might be available in two weeks for ALD members.
    2. ALD T-Shirt Day is to be announced.
  5. Encouragement
    1. President Jecholia Jessee read the Geese's Story to emphasize that ALD members need to be together for the development of ALD society, especially for the GMU chapter.
    2. Vice-President Bethany Shaffner emphasized the importance of ALD society nationwide and encourages members to get even more involved in ALD sponsored events.
  6. Raffle
    1. Zarmina Sulaiman was the winner of the ALD T-Shrit

ALD - First General Meeting
Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Main Topics

  1. Award for Previous ALD Officers
  2. Welcome All ALD Officers
  3. Volunteerism
  4. ALD Website
  5. ALD T-Shirt
  6. Idea Swap
  7. Pizza Party
  1. Award for Previous ALD Officers
    1. Ex-ALD President Mike receives an award from the National ALD for his outstanding contribution in inducting new ALD members for the year 2004-2005.
    2. Ex-Secretary Cathy Roehl receives the $500 scholarship from the ALD local chapter for her outstanding academic achievement.
  2. Welcome All ALD Officers
    1. Speaker: Jecholia Jessee
    2. Main Points:
      1. Welcome all members and point out the importance of them being in the first meeting, as well as getting involved in ALD
      2. Present ALD achievement in the past, including the Order of the Torch in 2000
      3. Present Dean Fox as ALD Advisor and the National Award she is about to receive in the next National ALD Conference in October 2004
      4. Present new officers as follows:
        1. VP of Volunteerism : Bethany Shaffner
        2. VP of Operations : Gabriel Cohen
        3. Historian : Elizabeth Dunlap
        4. Recording Secretary : Minh Nguyen
        5. Communications Secretary : Erika Woodworth
      5. Set ALD goals for 2004-2005
        1. Order of the Torch
        2. ALD Website and Award
        3. Fun !!!
  3. Volunteerism
    1. Speaker : Bethany Shaffner
    2. Main Points :
      1. ALD Members will be approved for their volunteer work ONLY if the event is sponsored by ALD
      2. ALD members can suggest and notify the officers of any volunteer work they find interesting so that it can become an ALD sponsored event
      3. ALD members earn 1 volunteer hour for being present in a general meeting
      4. ALD volunteer opportunities in October :
        1. Alzheimer's Walk - October 2, 2004 - 2 volunteer hours - Meet at 9:45 am in front of the clock tower that is right outside the JC - Be sure to sign in with Bethany in order to get credit - Her cell phone number is (717) 443-7372
        2. National Make a Difference Day - October 23, 2004 - 1 volunteer hour - Event to be determined
        3. Halloween & ALD - October 26 & 27, 2004 - 2 volunteer hours
        4. Blood Drive - All year long - 3 volunteer hours per donation
        5. Food Drive - Now through December 2004 - 5 items = 1 volunteer hour - Max of 5 hours can be earned through this event
  4. ALD Website
    1. Speaker : Jecholia Jessee
    2. Main Points :
      1. Present ALD website:
      2. Discuss the construction of a new website for ALD - Mason Chapter
  5. ALD T-Shirt
    1. Pass out the design for ALD T-Shirt
    2. Price (pre-order) : $8.00 each
    3. ALD T-Shirt Day will be held once or twice a month - All ALD members wearing the ALD T-Shirt and showing up at Dean Fox's office will receive 1 volunteer hour
  6. Idea Swap
    1. ALD members suggest interesting volunteer opportunites
      1. AIDS walk in DC on October 21, 2004
      2. Turkey Treat for Kids at the Hospital for Children with Cancer on Thanksgiving
    2. ALD member suggests social meetings so that ALD members get acquaintance
    3. ALD members ask about ALD scholarship
      1. National Scholarship at the end of the school year for outstanding academic achievement - $3000-$5000 for student accepted to graduate program
      2. JoAnne Trow Award to newly inducted meber at end of first year - $1000 - national competition
      3. Local chapter scholarship - $500
  7. Pizza Party

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